About Us
about us
about us

SYNERGY is a provider of diverse business technology services

We have been helping businesses large and small to meet their needs since 1995.

Today, we have offices on five continents and provide a diverse catalog of service offerings and solutions.

We know that Information Technology is so deeply integrated into business today, and in so many ways, that companies need a dependable provider to turn to for their various business technology needs. That’s what we do - provide solutions to meet your needs. Our team of skilled consultants, project managers, trainers, developers, support technicians, and integrated back office support staff stand ready to deliver on your business requirements, providing the peace of mind you need to operate comfortably in today’s technology-dependent business environment.

For over twenty years, we have grown and adapted to the incredible changes in the world of IT and we bring that experience to the table with every one of our customers, no matter where around the globe you may be. SYNERGY is here to be your technology partner, a go-to provider you can depend on for specific solutions to your business’ unique technology needs.

Though our reach is global, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with highly personal service at the local level. Our customers also appreciate our fixed price approach to project pricing which helps to simplify project budgeting.

We know that our success depends upon yours and we are prepared to put our expertise to work for you. At SYNERGY, we are in the business of making your business better.