Corporate Social Strategy
corporate social strategy
corporate social strategy


Ready to make the jump to social, but don't know where to start? SYNERGY can help your business understand which toolset suits your needs and work with you to build a launch and adoption strategy to meld seamlessly with the way your business works.

The goal is to improve collaboration and communication across teams, departments and geographical locations. Professional social networks allow disparate colleagues, even those they may not know personally, to share information in new ways which may not be immediately clear to their managers and business leaders.

Refer to the following articles for a better understanding of our philosophy around Collaboration and Social:

In addition to out of the box features available in SharePoint, Yammer, Sitrion, or Jive, SYNERGY can help your company leverage connections to publicly available social solutions like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, developing an all-encompassing social solution.

SYNERGY is proud to be partnered with the following leaders in the social and collaboration space:

  • Sitrion Gold Partner, certified in the Sitrion Engagement Scorecard and Adoption Framework
  • Jive Consulting Partner