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Where teamwork happens

Yammer can be your company's private corporate social network and help you and your teams stay on top of it all.

Start conversations, collaborate on files, and organize around projects so you can go further—faster.

Yammer: Where Teams Work

Yammer makes it easy to quickly bring your team together so they can have conversations, collaborate on files, and more. Give your teams a home. Use a Yammer group to bring people, conversations, and data together so you can get work done anytime, anywhere. Connect with others, loop relevant people into conversations to facilitate teamwork.

Collaborate beyond your organization. Streamline projects by looping customers and vendors into conversations, so the whole team can work together in one place.

Basic / Standalone

  • No charge and does not require an Office 365 subscription
  • Enterprise Social Networking
    • Basic Social Networking Features: conversations, user profiles, Inbox, feeds
    • Collaboration Features: groups, file sharing, co-editing content
  • Yammer Mobile: Applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Application Integration: Integrate with basic business apps like Klout, Github and Zendesk

Yammer Enterprise

  • Subscription based (included with select Microsoft plans)

  • Offers the same features as Basic / Standalone, with the following additions:

  • Enterprise Social Networking
    • Advanced security, administration and integrations
  • Yammer Enterprise Admin Tools: network configuration, user management, etc.
  • Network Level Application Integrations:
    • Authorize and manage apps for your network
    • Access advanced integrations like SharePoint, Single Sign-On, and Directory Sync
  • Support Services: Share content and ideas using SkyDrive Pro and communities

If you’re not sure which version will meet your needs, or which Microsoft plans already include subscription to Yammer Enterprise, we can provide you with the proper guidance.