SharePoint Branding

The importance of user experience and design

of a SharePoint implementation cannot be understated

Synergy’s team are experts at creating impactful and visually compelling master pages for SharePoint

On Premise and Office 365. We craft designs which span from conservative to highly unexpected,

building intranets, public websites, extranets, and custom applications. Our goal is to deliver

a user experience that is both intuitive and exciting to our clients.


Synergy understands the value companies place in their brand. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and >meld it with the intricacies and complexities of SharePoint and Office 365 branding design and development. We can provide full service design work, or collaborate with your in house or outsourced team. In all instances, we engage in multiple reviews to ensure your feedback and requirements are what drive the design process.

At Synergy we take our client’s privacy seriously, for that reason we have intentionally genericized some of the following work. This practice allows us protect our clients, while at the same time allowing us to showcase some of the stunning branding imagery we have created for them.​