Social Media Advertising
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What digital marketing strategy would be complete without social media marketing? Everyone has some form of social media these days, so it makes sense that your business should be there too. While the task of choosing the right social space to advertise on can be daunting, SYNERGY is here to guide you to the right platform with the best audience for your brand in mind.

While there are many opportunities for advertising in various social media platforms, SYNERGY recommends the following platforms for the best ROI.


While Facebook is seen as a platform for finding and building friendships in your personal life, it is also utilized for engagement purposes. Begin building trustworthy relationships with your present and future customers by being present on a platform that they use every day. The more comfortable customers are with your brand, the more likely they will be to interact with your brand.


Find your brand aesthetic with Instagram. Instagram is the new up and coming platform to advertise on, and you don’t want to be left behind. Advertising on Instagram is easier than ever by relying on visual aspects, such as video or images to reel your customer in. Much like Facebook, Instagram is there to build relationships and a community with your customers, so Facebook and Instagram campaigns are usually paired together.


Target specific businesses and professionals alike with LinkedIn. And while LinkedIn may have a smaller demographic than Facebook, this does not mean it is at a disadvantage. Advertising on LinkedIn means more reaching a more precise audience, which will allow for a better conversions and ROI.


Twitter is used for brand engagement and generating leads while building a strong following for your products or services. Increase your brand reach by including Twitter in your digital marketing strategy.


Be part of the new social movement that is Snapchat. Reach the millennial demographic through discovery ads, filters and snap ads.