Marketing Strategy

Gain An Advantage, Increase Sales With SYNERGY

The launch of your web solution marks the end of one endeavor and the start of another

how will you get the right people to find you online?

Synergy provides a variety of online marketing solutions that will help you seek out the 'right people' and get them to your site. The process starts with the definition of your strategy. Most Internet Marketing companies are focused solely on rankings, fans, followers and hits; Synergy is focused on leads, sales and measurable results that create profit for your business. Our Internet Marketing programs improve your business as a whole and complement your offline marketing and sales efforts.

First we need to understand your goals

Every Internet Marketing campaign is custom for your business. Every program is designed to meet your specific needs.

We begin by analyzing your business goals and objectives with a questionnaire that creates goals and funnels to track your success.

Our consultants work with you to craft a program that gives you the best solutions, the best practice techniques and the best results.

Then we track your success

Everything is measured at every possible step in the process. This is the key to your success. We study every funnel and every metric on your website to constantly improve your conversion rates.

We use a wide variety of tools to track your success – web traffic, telephone tracking, social media and conversion tracking.

We know when, why and how your prospects abandon your site. As a result, we know everything about your website and your prospects’ activity patterns.

Continual Improvement

The Internet changes in a matter of days and weeks, not years, so your Internet Marketing campaign requires constant attention. Your success requires ongoing adjustments and improvements. Your marketing program will change with the changing trends on the Internet. We will have regular reviews to improve and magnify what is working and eliminate what is not. This is the creative power of program optimization. We take corrective action – additional or different keywords, additional content, different social media tactics, and changes to your website to increase conversion rate.