Human Resources
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It’s time to be appreciated

Your employees see you as an enforcer of policy while the business sees you as a necessary evil in terms of cost and overhead.

Let SYNERGY help you change the discussion.

The HR function is vital to the health of any organization but all too often the tools available to you are lacking both in terms of efficiency for you and usability for your employees.

If you have an HRIS system, chances are it’s not fulfilling its promise (it might even have further complicated matters). If you don’t have an HRIS system, then you are likely trapped in spreadsheet and email purgatory.

SYNERGY provides multiple solutions to help you escape the status quo and travel to a place, where amongst other things, you can:

Enhance your connectivity with your employees
Enhance onboarding and off-boarding
Improve outbound communications using tools to cut down on email
Help you automate today's manual processes
Help you publish and manage your employee handbook and policies
Help streamline the benefit administration process
Help manage the exit process

We also speak fluent “IT”. SYNERGY can help you make your business case and show your ROI to management.