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Bankstown City Council

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Summary Data

Bankstown City Council is one of the largest of the 177 councils in New South Wales that provide over 100 services.









Training Services





  • Train over 600 users in SharePoint


  • Bankstown City Council tendered for a series of face-to-face end user training to facilitate the implementation of their new systems.



Council staff participated in a comprehensive on-site training program which more than adequately prepared them for the rollout of the new systems


Bankstown is a vibrant city just 20km south-west of Sydney CBD and home to approximately 200,000 people from over 160 different countries. Bankstown City Council is one of the largest of the 177 councils in NSW that provide over 100 services.

With the deployment of SharePoint 2013, the Council wanted to ensure they provided the best training methods to ensure their investment is utilised to its widest potential.


Bankstown City Council has recently deployed Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Recordpoint as its new EDRMS (Electronic Document and Record Management System) and branded it iShare. The prime objective of iShare was to improve the technology options available to staff by replacing an existing application with SharePoint. The benefits to staff of this project were numerous and provided an up to date technology solution to council.

As a result of this major change, Bankstown City Council chose to tender for a series of SharePoint 2013 face-to-face end user training. Bankstown chose Synergy as its preferred training partner to deliver this major training requirement over a period of 4 weeks in the lead up to its production release. The 600 staff received a range of training from initial end user through to advanced SharePoint champion levels.

Council’s staff training audiences consisted of three groups:

1. End users – Information Workers (in excess of approx. 550)
Objectives Required:

  • Overview and Introduction

  • Searching

  • Document Management

  • Workflows / Tasks

  • and emails


2. Champions – Site Administrators (approx. 20)
Objectives Required:

  • Content types

  • Content management

  • Workflow management


3. Specialists – Records Management and Information Technology (approx. 25)
Objectives Required:

  • Creating Sites

  • Customising Sites

  • Site Administration

  • SharePoint Permissions

  • List and Library management

  • Content Types and Metadata

  • Content Management and Workflow management

  • Information Management Policies


Synergy approached this engagement initially by holding a series of with the Bankstown Council Projects team to build the training solution.

These discussions focussed on the exact training requirements and preferred delivery methodology for the training of their staff on the iShare platform. These training needs analysis findings were crucial in developing the customisations required to both deliver the custom iShare training courseware and the training itself.

Custom Courseware Development and Testing After the training needs were analysed and identified, Synergy begun the task of creating custom courseware, labs, Instructor guides, Wiki’s, QRG’s and the training environment. These were delivered to council for review, tested, modified and approved to maximise the training solution offered to staff prior to training.

Training Reviews & Refinement

During the initial component of training delivery the Bankstown Council Project Team and Synergy engaged regularly after each training session to further review and refine the delivery of the content. This was extremely valuable for both parties so that together our shared paths of meeting council’s training objectives and Synergy’s custom training delivery were aligned. It also allowed the course to be continually improved as content was refined as per the feedback of participants.

In addition to the custom courseware and e-learning materials, Synergy created a custom Training Survey on the iShare platform so that staff members could give real time feedback on the training delivered. Again this allowed the Bankstown Council Project Team to identify areas of improvement and further refinement of the courseware and our training delivery. It also allowed the Council Project Team to quickly identify and resolve any staff anxieties or fears held towards the new EDRMS.

Post Training requests

At the successful conclusion of the Synergy training program Bankstown City Council requested Synergy to provide assistance on the ‘Go Live’ date of the project. This provided a familiar face to raise any concerns or issues with the platform during the first few days of implementation and also freed up the Bankstown project staff to concentrate on the rollout. All issues were logged with the project team so additional assistance and technical escalations could occur as quickly as possible.


The overall result for Bankstown City Council was a comprehensive program of training that introduced staff to the core features of SharePoint. This allowed staff to be prepared for the rollout of the new technology and minimise the amount of downtime in learning a new piece of technology.

The training solution will also provide for the future by allowing current staff to re-sit the training via the courseware and training environment along with future training needs of any new staff that join council.

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