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Deborah Zotian

Business Analyst

Debbie is Synergy’s resident “mouse”, or Microsoft Office Specialist. Debbie’s keen editorial eye and attention to detail as a user of Office applications in the enterprise have been parlayed into a skillset second to none. Debbie has specialized in using and training customers and staff on Microsoft Office products for well over two decades right through to the integration features of current cloud and web application Office applications.

She has taken her experience as a manager, editor, and technical writer, and her enthusiasm for helping people by providing training to Synergy clients on the latest versions of Microsoft Office and Windows. She has trained executive and administrative staff in a multitude of industries and for numerous Synergy clients. Her extensive experience as a manager, customer support specialist and her unparalleled expertise in technical writing across numerous verticals has transformed her role to that of a Business Analyst. Debbie’s ability to articulate the needs and concepts into technical blueprints and consultative findings and recommendations is a tremendous asset to all customer projects to ensure we have not only understood the business requirements but have a clearly defined path to accomplish them with a wide range of technologies.

She currently holds several Microsoft certifications. Prior to joining Synergy, Debbie worked for a medical communications company, creating, editing and formatting Word and Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations. She has earned Bachelor of Science in Media Studies from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut and a Master of Arts in Corporate Communications from Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut.


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