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Kyla Jurek

Digital Strategist

The type of person who gets excited when it comes to data analysis, marketing research, and strategy development are few and far between, but Kyla Jurek is one of those select few. Originally an English major working as a journalist, Kyla moved to Connecticut in 2016 to expand her horizons and build a career on her love for data and social media. She holds a master’s degree in all things digital strategy at Sacred Heart University Jack Welch College of Business & Technology.

Kyla is one of the lead Digital Strategists at Synergy, and for the past several years, has worked tirelessly on the internal growth and modernization of the Synergy brand, as well as catering and implementing unique Digital Strategies for external clients across a wide spectrum of industries.

Kyla utilizes a variety of platforms every day that ensure the success of the digital strategies for our clients, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Business Manager, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, a plethora of Google products, as well as numerous SEO tools to name a few. She also holds certifications in Google Advertising and Analytics and is always looking for new ways to stay current with upcoming Digital Marketing trends.


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