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Maitri Vyas

Solutions Consultant

Maitri is an innovative, motivated and results oriented project manager with over fifteen years of experience. She has a passion and proven track record for building relationships and exceeding client and management expectations. Maitri plans and manages all aspects of projects from kick-off to final acceptance, carefully aligning defined business goals with the technology solutions recommended by Synergy’s subject matter experts.

Synergy and our clients often joke that we are ‘afraid of Maitri’. Ever the consummate professional, Maitri nonetheless diligently holds resources on both sides of a project accountable for their tasks and deadlines, part of what makes her such a valuable member of our team. Between organizing, prioritizing and assigning tasks, Maitri keeps everyone honest and on track.

Integral to her role is her focus on continual process improvements, ensuring that with each project Synergy absorbs the lessons learned to refine our service delivery to optimize our competitive advantage and help both Synergy and our customers realize bottom-line gains. Maitri is an expert in agile and waterfall project management methodologies and is known for her ability to produce high-quality deliverables from both client and Synergy resources. Maitri is a certified Project Management Professional and Certified Scrum Master.


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