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Tara Wilde

Senior Solutions Consultant

Tara is a self-proclaimed ‘computer geek’, always seeking opportunities to learn and adapt new technologies into her repertoire of skills. Tara is a senior solutions consultant and network engineer with a vested interest in scripting and automation. She is an Office 365 and PowerShell specialist with experience in planning and executing migrations between on-prem and cloud platforms.

Finding problem solving deeply rewarding Tara is especially interested in designing and integrating systems, and introducing automation with the goal to optimize business and technology workflow. In a modern world looking to do more with less resources, this innovative approach to technology has solved a host of business challenges by providing intelligent and cost effective strategies to leverage all aspects of the technologies within an organization.

Tara’s attention to detail and belief in customer satisfaction through better use of technology makes her a tremendous asset to both Synergy and our customers.


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South Africa

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