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Goodbye LiveTiles,

Hello Powell Intranet

With recent news about the acquisition of LiveTiles from receivership, it’s important to consider how the uncertainty of the platform’s future could affect the reliability and support of your current investments.  

At Synergy, we are dedicated to ensuring you maximize your existing Microsoft investments in addition to the long-term reliability and innovation of your digital workspace.  

Your intranet should be as dynamic and dependable as your team: not just a tool, but a central part of your organizational success.


Why Consider a Move? 

Future-Proof Your Intranet: The current trajectory of LiveTiles could compromise future support and development. As a trusted Microsoft partner, we can guide you toward a more sustainable long-term solution. 

Stay Ahead with Industry Trends: Your ability to optimize your intranet environment may be limited due to LiveTiles' lack of support for SharePoint Modern and their struggle to keep up with Microsoft updates. 

Maximize Your Microsoft Investments: Don’t let your investment in LiveTiles prevent you from fully leveraging the advanced capabilities of your Microsoft tools. 

Special Migration Offers for Existing LiveTiles Customers: 

Competitive Upgrade Pricing: Enjoy attractive pricing options that make switching both economical and beneficial. 

Free Consulting Time: Take advantage of 5 hours of complimentary consulting to see how Powell Intranet can better meet your needs. 

Expert Support: Our team of experts are on hand to ensure a smooth and cost-effective transition. 

Modern Structure

See how powell compares


Discover powell intranet

Transitioning to Powell Intranet can transform your digital workspace.


Here’s what Powell Intranet offers: 

Advanced Capabilities and Customization: Powell Intranet offers a sophisticated, out-of-the-box solution fully deployed within SharePoint, designed for various business scenarios. It enables enterprise-wide scalability and easy configuration, enhancing SharePoint’s core capabilities without compromise. 

Enhanced User Experience and Content Management: Powell provides dynamic role-based navigation and unified design across sites for an improved user experience. It simplifies content creation and management with a user-friendly contribution wizard and offers enhanced search capabilities for quick information retrieval. 

Personalization and Engagement: Powell Intranet features targeted content delivery based on user preferences, with social functionalities like likes, comments, and polls to foster engagement. It also includes MyBoard for personalized access to applications and customizable user profiles. 

Gamification and Productivity: The intranet introduces advanced gamification with points, badges, and leaderboards, creating an engaging and productive environment. This approach motivates employees and enhances their interaction with the platform. 

Comprehensive Security and Integration: Ensures high availability and security, leveraging SharePoint’s robust framework, supplemented by features like a branded mobile app and integration with Microsoft Teams. This ensures seamless access and enhanced user interaction across the organization. 

Are You Ready for a Better Intranet Experience? 

Let us help you transition to a more effective, reliable, and innovative intranet solution. Take the first step towards maximizing your digital investments and enhancing your organizational success: reach out today to learn more about upgrading to Powell Intranet.  

Contact us now to claim your free consulting session and discover what Powell Intranet can do for you.  

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