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Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy

Virtualization Using Hyper-V

Summary Data

Ivy Rehab is committed to providing each and every patient with a timely, effective rehabilitation program utilizing our treatment methods and state of the art equipment.



Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation






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Office 365 SharePoint Intranet Consulting



Windows Server Hyper-V


  • Simplify the network design and support requirements while reducing operating costs.


  • Implemented Microsoft Windows and Remote Desktop Services (RDS) running under Microsoft Hyper-V



Reduction in operating costs


Simplified IT support


Scalable solution


Ivy Rehab is committed to providing each and every patient with a timely, effective rehabilitation program utilizing our treatment methods and state of the art equipment.

Our experienced therapists come from diverse clinical backgrounds and possess the understanding and enthusiasm to support you safely through your recovery.

Our focus is the planning and administration of physical therapy treatment to restore function, relieve pain, and prevent disability following disease, injury or surgery.


Client running a traditional hub and spoke Wide Area Network dealing with the complexities of managing a large numbers of firewalls, tunnels as well as dispersed Workstation builds. IT overhead was becoming increasingly complex as more remote facilities came online. The cost of the facility deployments was expensive due to the requirement for VPN firewalls and workstations. Software and hardware asset management was also an increasing challenge

  • Simplify network design

  • Simplify Support requirements

  • Simplify Support requirements


The approach to address these issues was to implement Microsoft Windowsand Remote Desktop Services (RDS) running under Microsoft Hyper-V.

This transition to RDS allowed for the workstation builds in the remote locations to be simplified down to a base operating system and a RDS connection, thus reducing the support costs for managing and maintaining these systems. Costly and complex VPN firewalls can be removed from all facilities allowing all RDS traffic to flow over the open Internet and connect to the RDS Services via the RDS Gateway services using low cost SSL certificates.

With all the software running within the RDS server environment, it becomes easier to track and managing software and licensing requirements. Taking advantage of Hyper-V technology quick and easy restores of the RDS servers can be performed in the event of them becoming compromised.

  • Implement Remote Desktop Services running in a Hyper-V environment

  • Remove complex and costly VPN firewalls

  • Provide RDS access using low cost SSL certificates by utilizing RDS Gateway services


With the conversion to RDS, all software is now centrally managed within the RDS environment; licensing management has been significantly simplified. Software upgrades can now be easily deployed within the RDS server environment, and by utilizing Hyper-V snapshot technologies, tested and rolled back in the event of compatibilities issues.

Workstations in the remote facilities are now reduced to dumb terminals and as new facilities come online or workstations reach end of life, they can now be replaced with low cost terminals. VPN Wide Area Network tunnels have been removed and replaced with low cost secure SSL RDS connections. This also allows for simplified telecommuting for employees.

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Simplified IT support

  • Delivered a more scalable solution

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