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Training Examples

In the past, Synergy has created five to 15 minute feature demonstrations and overviews on numerous topics. Although these videos do not replace classroom training, they are an excellent supplemental resource to provide refreshers or the basics of using SharePoint technologies for those users who cannot attend classroom training. These videos can be stored in SharePoint as a help resource available to your global user base. Below is a list of topics, and the videos we can provide for each topic.

Development time for each video will be based on the process of recording, editing, and posting the completed content to a media suitable for delivery to HarperCollins Publishers. Most 15 minute videos require 3-6 hours to produce. Once produced, you will own these videos and there will be no need to pay ongoing licensing fees for their use.

Examples (below) can be produced en-mass or individually (each item below represents its own video so Lists and Libraries [for example] would be comprised of up to eight separate videos):


Navigation in SharePoint


Searching in SharePoint


Staying informed with alerts


Starting & Reviewing a Nintex workflow

Lists & Libraries

  1. Using Managed Document Libraries

  2. Office Integration Features – How SharePoint and Office collaborate

  3. Working with SharePoint Lists using Outlook

  4. Updating large numbers of items in lists/libraries using the Data Sheet view

  5. Content Approval in lists and libraries

  6. Using Windows Explorer and SharePoint

  7. Working with Views in lists and libraries

  8. Setting up and Managing Alerts

Specialized Site Templates

  1. Working with Wiki Pages and Wiki Page Libraries

  2. Discussion Boards – When and why they should be used

  3. The Meeting Workspace – What is it, and how is it used?

  4. The Document Workspace – What is it, and how is it used?

My Sites

  1. Understanding Sharing and Permissions in My Sites

  2. Creating and Updating a personal Blog

  3. Tracking Colleagues and items of interest in My Sites

  4. Working with My Site Web Parts

Site Features

  1. Enterprise Metadata- Using Site Columns

  2. Using Calculated Columns in lists and libraries

  3. Connecting Web Parts to create custom applications

  4. Understanding Content Types

  5. Adding templates using Content Types

  6. Approving Content on Publishing Sites

  7. Understanding the Publishing Site

  8. Understanding the Collaboration Site

Web Part Demonstrations

  1. Working with Image Web Parts

  2. Form Web Parts- Displaying InfoPath Forms

  3. Working with Page Viewer Web Parts

  4. Data View and List View Web Parts

  5. Using Business Data Actions Web Parts

  6. Using Business Data Item Web Parts

  7. Business Data List Web Parts

  8. Using KPI Web Parts and the KPI Details Web Parts

  9. Working with Filter Web Parts

  10. Setting up and using Outlook Web Access Web Parts

  11. Working with Search Web Parts

  12. Supplementing navigation using Site Directory Web Parts

Personalizing Sharepoint

  1. Creating Personal views

  2. Personalizing SharePoint Pages

  3. Personalizing Web Parts

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