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    Corporate Communications Get the word out Communication with your internal audience is key. Don’t rely on a game of ‘telephone'. All too often, business owners and executives focus on effectively communicating with customers but not with employees. They unintentionally rely on "the trickle down effect” to get key messages delivered. ​ Your role is to separate the key messages form the noise. Traditional tools such as email make this task daunting. Cluttered inboxes and busy employees often lead to missed communications and result in confusion. SYNERGY can show you how modern tools can better channel messaging, outside of email, leading to better employee engagement. Imagine a world where you can: Measure employee feedback in real-time Help you automate today's manual processes Allow your audience (where applicable) to personalize the messaging they wish to receive Help you publish and manage core information such as templates, style guides, event media, forms etc. Enhance your connectivity with your employees at their desks or on their mobile devices Engage your audience more interactively

  • SYNERGY | Hawaii State Public Library Case Study

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Hawaiian State Public Library System (HSPLS) Summary Data HSPLS provides library services across 7 islands in the State of Hawaii. Industry State Sector/Public Services Geography USA Consulting Training Services Nintex Workflow & Process Automation technologies SharePoint Windows Server Hyper-V Challenges/Goals Automate manuals steps and eliminate redundant steps in the system Eliminate reliance on paper Provide a one-stop-service Solution/Approach Determine the platform (SharePoint) Meet with stakeholders to understand both the process and the culture Define the functional specifications Build the solution to include a SharePoint site, lists, libraries and workflows. Overview The Hawaii State Public Library System (HSPL) has more than 50 branches located across seven (7) islands. Their mission is to provide Hawaii’s residents, in all walks of life, and at each stage in their lives, with access to education, information, programs and services, and to teach and nurture the love of reading and the habit of life-long learning. Challenges/ Goals HSPLS had an archaic system for managing supply orders across their more than 50 State Branches. The existing solution involved a variety of manual and repetitive tasks, combining manual delivery of Excel forms, multiple emails among participants, version skew among documents and the need to print and markup the spreadsheets repeatedly. The system was time-intensive, difficult to manage and used a lot of paper. It was the goal of this project to automate, streamline, and optimize the system in order to provide a “one-stop-service” location for Ordering staff members, as well as other staff members that are the recipients or the suppliers of information. Solution/ Approach Understanding the power of the SharePoint platform and because HSPLS was already an active user of SharePoint, Synergy recommended leveraging their existing Web infrastructure in order to architect the solution. With that decision made, Synergy embarked on a series of requirements gathering sessions which gave us not only an understanding for the existing processes, but a look into the culture of the organization and sense of the required improvements. The Synergy team then worked closely with the HSPLS team to define a functional specification that defined the workflow process, the lists and libraries that would be built, the required metadata columns and the views that would be required. Once the specifications were signed off, Synergy proceeded to build out the solution by creating the Ordering site, required lists and libraries and developing the various workflows that were required. The solution addressed both technical and cultural challenges by keeping list views for data entry primarily in datasheet views in order to provide a familiar interface for staff who were accustomed to doing tasks Excel spreadsheets. Results The result was a “one-stop-service” with a user-friendly, intuitive solution that automated manual steps and provided custom views based on user roles. Workflows aggregated information and provided validations on ordering lists that previously took many hours to complete with paper. All branches are now connected and have visibility across the State ordering system. Back to Case Studies

  • SYNERGY | Preview | Workflow Spec Examples

    Workflow Spec Examples Synergy has extensive workflow design consulting experience. We can assist you through the process of developing your custom workflows from inception through go live and beyond. We will work with you to help you understand your business process requirements, bringing our experience to bear to achieve the best workflow possible. Our consultants will help you define the business need, identify requirements you may not have thought of, and discuss the tools available to get the job done right. We know the right questions to ask, and will work closely with business owners to develop and refine the process. We will guide you through the pitfalls of implementation and assist you with testing your workflows pre-launch. A major part of any workflow automation process is the creation of a document that explains the workflow in detail. We call this the functional specification. It is this document that will lay out the purpose of the workflow – why it exists, a flow of the workflow process itself and approval by the business owner. The functional specification should be a “living document” and will adapt and change over time as the workflow is modified and changed. Once an approved functional specification is in place the workflow can be implemented within SharePoint. Below are some examples of Workflow specs for review Time Off Requests Travel Authorization Requests Doc Change Request & Workflow

  • SYNERGY | Shoff Darby Case Study

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Shoff Darby Virtualization Using Hyper-V Summary Data From personal insurance to business insurance, Shoff Darby strives to tailor your insurance to meet your needs. Industry Insurance Geography USA Consulting Support & Project Services technologies Windows Server Hyper-V Challenges/Goals Replacement of the existing server hardware needed to be completed with minimal production downtime Solution had to reduce heat and operating costs while improving backup and recovery solution Update storage capacity and plan for growth Solution/Approach Virtualize five physical servers into a single physical server with large and expandable data storage using Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Hyper-V Replace expensive third party backup solution and agents with simplified and improved backup methodology leveraging Windows Server backups Results Work resulted in a significant heat reduction in the server room Increased server performance, storage capacity Simplified backup and recovery method Reduced monthly operating costs by reducing electrical consumption Overview From personal insurance to business insurance, we strive to tailor your insurance to meet your needs. Our agency is dedicated to meeting the insurance needs of emerging businesses with specialties in Technology Insurance and Entertainment Insurance. Challenges/ Goals Shoff Darby had several end-of-life servers and a need to ensure that their critical business applications remained in production during any considered update to their infrastructure. Due to document imaging using PDF's, which increased the amount of data being stored, storage capacity of the existing infrastructure was limited necessitating an increase in their capacity with room for future growth. Due to the nature and importance of the data stored in structured and unstructured locations, simplifying and improving backup and recovery methods was critical to any solution. Another serious consideration was the limited cooling available in the server room, so any considered solution would have to factor in this constraint. Replace several aging servers and reduce heat footprint Increase storage capacity and accommodate for forecast growth Minimize downtime and impact any project may have on production Solution/ Approach After working with the management at Shoff Darby to discuss the infrastructure, expectations, and analyzing historical storage utilization to prepare an accurate forecast of storage requirements, Synergy engineers determined a single physical server with significant storage would meet the requirements. The computing power of current servers enabled Synergy to virtualize all of Shoff Darby's physical servers, which not only reduced heat output, but also reduced electrical consumption. With the installation of Windows Server 2008 R2 and configuration of the Microsoft Hyper-V role, we were also able to leverage built-in Windows 2008 Backup to eliminate the need to maintain expensive third-party backup solutions, tape drives, and tape media. Our engineers virtualized the physical servers, and due to the power of the host server, we were able to implement more processor and memory resources to the newly virtualized servers. Purchase a new high power and large storage capacity server Implement Windows Server and Hyper-V role and configure backups Perform P2V conversions of aging servers and optimize performance Results Shoff Darby's 5 end-of-life servers were virtualized successfully, and the process was completed with almost no impact to the business as the virtualization was performed out of business hours. All client workstations and end-users were not impacted by the project as no reconfigurations were required on domain workstations. Due to the low cost of high capacity drives, we were able to increase available storage capacity by orders of magnitude, and have afforded growth well into the future. The need to reduce heat in the server room was realized by reducing the number of servers, ensuring no cost to upgrade the cooling in the room by efficiently reducing heat output of the infrastructure. The legacy backup solution with an expensive console and backup agents for e-mail, SQL, and Windows was retired, leveraging the powerful out-of-the-box Windows 2008 Backup solution using inexpensive removable hard drives. The process to restore data in part or in its entirety was greatly simplified, and the recovery timeframe reduced significantly. Replaced all end-of-life servers with a single powerful server with minimal downtime Increased storage capacity with adequate room for growth Reduced heat output, operating costs, and eliminated expensive licensing Back to Case Studies

  • SYNERGY | Our Locations

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Our Locations We know that our success depends on your success, which is why we are in the business of making your business better. With offices on five continents, we focus on our core principles within each of our local geopgraphies. United States Westport, Connecticut (HQ) Synergy Corporate Technologies Ltd. 55 Greens Farms Road Westport CT 06880 ​ +1 800 930 4771 ​ United Kingdom Datek Solutions Ltd. (Synergy services by Datek) Unit 13 Elder Way Waterside Drive, Langley Berkshire, SL3 6EP ​ +44 0 1753 541 000 ​ Singapore Synergy Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. Level 40 Ocean Financial Center 10 Collyer Quay Singapore, 049315 ​ +65 6232 2329 ​ Australia Synergy Asia Pacific Pty Ltd. Level 5 115 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 ​ +61 2 9113 7243 ​ South Africa Located in Table View Cape Town Conveniently located in the Cape Town Peninsula ​ Serving the entire southern region

  • SYNERGY | Preview | Training Examples

    Training Examples In the past, Synergy has created five to 15 minute feature demonstrations and overviews on numerous topics. Although these videos do not replace classroom training, they are an excellent supplemental resource to provide refreshers or the basics of using SharePoint technologies for those users who cannot attend classroom training. These videos can be stored in SharePoint as a help resource available to your global user base. Below is a list of topics, and the videos we can provide for each topic. Development time for each video will be based on the process of recording, editing, and posting the completed content to a media suitable for delivery to HarperCollins Publishers. Most 15 minute videos require 3-6 hours to produce. Once produced, you will own these videos and there will be no need to pay ongoing licensing fees for their use. Examples (below) can be produced en-mass or individually (each item below represents its own video so Lists and Libraries [for example] would be comprised of up to eight separate videos): Navigation in SharePoint Watch Video Searching in SharePoint Watch Video Staying informed with alerts Watch Video Starting & Reviewing a Nintex workflow Watch Video Lists & Libraries Using Managed Document Libraries Office Integration Features – How SharePoint and Office collaborate Working with SharePoint Lists using Outlook Updating large numbers of items in lists/libraries using the Data Sheet view Content Approval in lists and libraries Using Windows Explorer and SharePoint Working with Views in lists and libraries Setting up and Managing Alerts Specialized Site Templates Working with Wiki Pages and Wiki Page Libraries Discussion Boards – When and why they should be used The Meeting Workspace – What is it, and how is it used? The Document Workspace – What is it, and how is it used? My Sites Understanding Sharing and Permissions in My Sites Creating and Updating a personal Blog Tracking Colleagues and items of interest in My Sites Working with My Site Web Parts Site Features Enterprise Metadata- Using Site Columns Using Calculated Columns in lists and libraries Connecting Web Parts to create custom applications Understanding Content Types Adding templates using Content Types Approving Content on Publishing Sites Understanding the Publishing Site Understanding the Collaboration Site Web Part Demonstrations Working with Image Web Parts Form Web Parts- Displaying InfoPath Forms Working with Page Viewer Web Parts Data View and List View Web Parts Using Business Data Actions Web Parts Using Business Data Item Web Parts Business Data List Web Parts Using KPI Web Parts and the KPI Details Web Parts Working with Filter Web Parts Setting up and using Outlook Web Access Web Parts Working with Search Web Parts Supplementing navigation using Site Directory Web Parts Personalizing Sharepoint Creating Personal views Personalizing SharePoint Pages Personalizing Web Parts

  • SYNERGY | Australian University Case Study

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact A Leading Australian University Streamlining Workflows With Nintex Summary Data Synergy simplified our clients on boarding process from 5 - 6 days to 20 Minutes Industry Education Geography Australia Consulting Nintex Workflow & Process Automation technologies SharePoint Nintex Challenges/Goals A complex staff hiring process involving manual data entry and traditional communication methods required streamlining and updating. Solution/Approach The deployment of SharePoint with a few third party software components delivered huge time savings and streamlined processes between departments. This is done by via a Nintex Workflow which drives the approval and rework requirements of the business process. Results A hiring cycle that would often take more than a week to complete is now a 20 minute process. The Administration team have greater self sufficiency with automated workflows, huge productivity gains and greater transparency of the entire process. Overview Our client, a leading Australian university, employs 100’s of temporary training staff on a semester by semester basis. The hiring process previously required many pieces of information being entered into an Excel spreadsheet and then a printed copy being distributed to stakeholders. Subsequent manual steps were required by various areas to complete the process. Challenges/ Goals Our client’s staff hiring process was dominated by manual data entry, hand-written forms, and traditional phone/email communication with prospective employees being offered temporary sessional contracts. The manual process provided limited visibility of the work schedule lifecycle due to fact that there were many manual steps that were not auditable or traceable. The ability to introduce a transparent and collaborative approach to the process was critical to our client’s ability to reduce administrative overheads and improve the staff hire process. ​ Synergy was asked to focus on automating and improving three key areas of a heavily manual, errorprone, inter-departmental administration process. These key areas were; ​ Creation and approval of the work schedules; Completion and acceptance of the work schedules; Timesheet completion, upload and approval. ​ Our client ultimately wanted a no-code solution that was system driven, simple, intuitive, traceable, and met strict document management and auditing policies. We knew that we could deliver a solution that would exceed their expectations and provide a platform capable of future enhancement. Solution/ Approach During our review, Synergy identified multiple interface points where third party applications could provide a superior solution. We embarked on designing and implementing a solution to enhance our client’s existing IT infrastructure investment and provide opportunity for future development. ​ Our design utilises a multi-tier SharePoint 2010 Enterprise farm leveraged across multiple departments, streamlining document management, enabling inter-departmental collaboration and improving the interface. Synergy’s solution was delivered using a combination of; Nintex workflow to ensure work schedules were auditable and traceable Breaking down the workflows into smaller segments allowed for better change management. The smaller functional sets trigger each other as tasks progress through the process. We defined the following order to gain these efficiencies; Initial Approval (State Machine) Process Form Data Candidate Offer process Create Timesheet Transactions Email Update (when required if a typo happens) A state machine workflow provides the best solution when it is necessary to jump back and forth between different but repetitive steps in a process, where advancement is dependent on an outcome. The “Flexi task” action is a highly versatile, self-contained action that is similar to the “Request approval” action, as it allows you to request the approval of numerous users and to create alternative outcomes without being bound to only “Approve” or “Reject”. The design is based on standard SP Group Security principles and lookups. InfoPath 2010 forms for document creation and management Form performance was critical given the large amount of data, logic and validation to perform when populating the form. We optimised the original form to improve online performance and ensure a pleasant user experience. Further, we reconfigured the form data validation properties and behaviour to remove immediate validation upon field change, implementing a selection box enabling the user to trigger data validation. SQL to read the InfoPath forms and create the records We used SQL to write the data to workflow variables and create an SQL record for the employee and for the contract. This removed manual entry by the administration staff and increased the accuracy of the data. Muhimbi PDF converter for the creation, conversion and security of all contract documentation The Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint enables end-users to convert, split, merge and secure common document types such as MS-Word, InfoPath, MSG/ EML (email), Excel, HTML, among others, from within SharePoint using custom Nintex and SharePoint Designer workflows or even a Web Service call. Once all data has been committed to the database, PDFs are generated from the InfoPath form using the Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint. Layer 2 BDLC for creating a list connection to the backend SQL Database We chose Layer 2 BDLC for its interactivity and due to limitations of OOB SharePoint external lists, which Layer 2 BDLC addresses. This is especially relevant for the Universities sessional employees list which has been setup to integrate with Layer 2 BDLC. Public facing website for online offer acceptance We developed a public facing website built on ASP. NET technology to keep it light and efficient. It’s designed to send approved offers to a candidate with a link providing access to relevant details on an e-response site. ​ This unified communications solution streamlined processes between departments using a multi-stage state machine workflow which drives the approval and rework requirements of the business process and keeps the process transparent to all involved. Results Synergy’s solution deployed a multi-stage state machine workflow to drive the creation, approval and rework requirements of the business process. This increased the accuracy and compliance of contract information and streamlined the processes, reducing the administrative workload. Administration staff are now confident that offers and acceptances will be made in a timely manner and have greater visibility of the contract throughout its lifecycle. ​ The automated process and use of online forms ensures work-schedule templates are up to date and there is no loss of the paper based transactions, which dogged the previous manual process. Productivity has increased and the whole process has improved customer service. ​ Decreased Business Risk - our solution provides better document control, backup and disaster recovery solutions and increased data security and management. Reporting allows greater control over the entire process, with easy error identification and resolution. ​ Our solution used the existing infrastructure to leverage the current IT investment in software assets, allowing project budget to be utilised so Synergy could train essential staff. The University staff have been able to operate autonomously since Synergy handed the project over. ​ Automated Workflows - provide a seamless process and remove duplication, saving time and effort for administration staff. Data validation, workflow alerts and workflow logic streamline the process and engage staff only when necessary. The workflows provide staff with a clear picture of the status of each workflow step. ​ Improved Productivity - the offers process now takes 20 minutes rather than a week. This massive time saving allows University staff to focus on other important tasks, safe in the knowledge that the employee offers are being produced efficiently and securely. Back to Case Studies

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    Marketing Agency knowledge without the agency price tag. Your goal is to bring together your products and services with potential customers. You don’t have to do it alone. Goals are great (and to be encouraged) but how can you achieve, and continue to achieve, when the digital landscape is changing daily. With SYNERGY, you can focus on your messaging and let us focus on the delivery. We can show you how technology can help you better reach your potential customers and continue the conversation with existing ones, resulting in improved customer acquisition and retention. Imagine a world where you can: Understand your customer’s online behavior Interact with your audience more effectively Deliver your message to any device Continually improve online user experience

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    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact About Us ​ in the business of making your business better Synergy was founded on the core belief that the right technology, when implemented correctly, can make your business better. Add great customer service and support and you have the makings of an organization that can guide you through the ever-changing world of business technology. ​ , For twenty five years we have grown and adapted to the incredible changes in the world of IT and we bring that experience to the table with every one of our customers, no matter where around the globe you may be. Synergy is here to be your technology partner, a go-to provider you can depend on for specific solutions to your business’ unique technology needs. ​ Launched in 1995 by two Brits on the wrong side of the pond, today Synergy partners with customers around the globe. With local resources in six geographies, we embrace our local markets and cultures while leveraging the experience of our global team. ​ Every one of us is passionate about our chosen focus area and it shows. We pride ourselves on a highly personalized approach to the solutions we deliver. As a technology company, we stay current on industry trends and how they can be applied to proactively improve your operational efficiencies. As Digital Transformation experts, we work with you to modernize the ways you can collaborate, brand, share and automate the flow of information within your organization. As a Digital Strategy group, we provide all of the core services of a more traditional agency, but without all of the frills, fluff, and price points. We know that our success depends on your success, which is why we are in the business of making your business better.

  • SYNERGY | Preview | Func Spec Examples

    Func Spec Examples Each development project doesn't commence without a detailed scope of work against which our development team works. We call this document a functional specification, a generic redacted example of which can be seen here. Each project is different in nature, so the example here is just that, an example to give an idea of the level of detail we get into prior to any development commencing. Example of Functional Spec