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    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Google Mission Statement The Google Partner badge shows that specific Partners have passed Google Ads product certification exams and are up to date with the latest product knowledge. In other words, they earned it. ​ View our partnership:; About Google Partnerships Google Partners can specialize in one or more of the following Google Ads product areas: S earch Advertising: These Google Partners can help you create and optimize ads that show up on Google Search. They can also advise on keyword strategy and budget planning. Video Advertising: Need assistance with implementing and optimizing your video ad campaigns on YouTube? These Partners can help. Display Advertising: These Partners can help you create compelling visual ads that reach potential customers on over two million websites and 650,000 apps. Shopping Advertising*: Certified Partners will help you place your products on Google Search, set up your inventory on Merchant Center, and create Google Shopping campaigns. * The shopping advertising certification is not available in some languages. Please check the availability on our Help Center. Back to Partners

  • SYNERGY | Nintex Partner

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Nintex Mission Statement Synergy has been a Nintex partner for over a decade, and we have a broad range of cross industry experience, which helps us think outside the box when it comes to working with and implementing solutions for our customers. ​ Nintex is powerful, easy to use, and can provide better results and business insight. Their toolset operates within your existing SharePoint or Office 365 environment, so creation, editing, and testing can happen seamlessly. ​ Synergy’s consultants and developers can help you with your project requirements, including process design and development for complex workflows and real-world training with Nintex solutions. Whether you’re new to the concept of Nintex technologies, or are looking to learn best practices from industry experts, Synergy can help you reach your business goals. About Nintex Our partners are an integral part the Nintex community. With the global Nintex Partner Network, customers can team up with a knowledgeable partner to build automation solutions that solve their unique business challenges. ​ Our network of hundreds of trusted partners utilize their Nintex Platform expertise to provide best-in-class process automation and management solutions for thousands of organizations worldwide. Offerings Synergy's Nintex Services include design, development and training on all that the Nintex family of products has to offer. Whether you are on premises, in Office 365, or somewhere in between, Nintex has solutions that scale to meet your businesses unique requirements. With over a decade of experience as a Nintex Premier partner, Synergy can take our experience and expertise to help you realize your process automation goals – on time, in budget, and where you need automation most. Nintex for O365 Nintex for O365 enables our customers to design and build automated processes in SharePoint Online. Nintex for O365 enables our team to build Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms solutions with the ability to consume workflows anywhere – on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid deployments. Nintex workflow for SharePoint Nintex Workflow for SharePoint is a leading process automation platform for your SharePoint environment, with powerful connectors enabling you to extend your automation into key line of business platforms. Nintex Forms for SharePoint Nintex Forms gives SharePoint site owners a responsive, modern forms designer. Designed to work on desktops, tablets and mobile devices, Synergy can help you create and publish your electronic forms on prem, in the cloud, or in the Nintex Mobile App. Promapp Nintex Promapp is used by our customers as a non-technical way of mapping their business processes which Synergy can leverage to create the initial framework for the workflow itself, reducing discovery and development time as well as costs for your process automation project. Watch Video Nintex workflow Cloud What if you want workflow and forms, but don’t want or use SharePoint? Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC) has you covered. NWC has predefined connectors for a growing number of cloud solutions, with integration options for on premises platforms as well. See how Synergy helped one of our customers solve a critical COVID challenge (AP School case study link) using NWC. Watch Video Robotic Process Automation (RPA) With the acquisition of Foxtrot RPA, Nintex rounded out their platform to enable partners and customers build botflows. RPA extends the power of automation to any platform from Excel to line of business applications quickly and easily. OtheR Nintex Videos Manage, Automate & Optimize with Nintex Nintex Promapp Process Management Software Nintex Partner James Beck of Synergy Awards Synergy Asia Pacific Region Wins Nintex Award Read Recent Case Study See Our Courses Back to Partners

  • SYNERGY | Microsoft Partner

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Microsoft Mission Statement As a Microsoft partner, you’ll gain instant access to exclusive resources, programs, tools, and connections. Join a community designed to foster business growth. About Microsoft The Microsoft Partner Network is a hub of people, resources, and offerings brought together to give you everything you need to build and deliver successful solutions for your customers. ​ The Power of Partnership: Together, we can accomplish more. When you join the network, you become part of a community with a shared goal to do more for our customers. Investing in You: The resources, programs, and tools we offer help you train your team, build innovative solutions, differentiate in the marketplace, and connect with customers. Your Launchpad for Growth: With access to a broad range of products and services, our partners are empowered to build and deliver solutions that can address any customer scenario. Awards See other Partners Back to Partners

  • SYNERGY | Kentico Partner

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Kentico Mission Statement Create modern websites with ease, flexibility, and full control over your content. Design beautiful webpages and reuse content in your mobile app, email campaigns, and other channels. With Kentico Xperience, you can maintain consistency and compliance throughout the entire content lifecycle. About Kentico Create engaging experiences and grow your business faster with a seamless digital experience platform that combines content management, digital marketing, and commerce. ​ Content Management: Create modern websites and reuse content in your mobile app, email campaigns, and other channels. Design beautiful landing pages using a drag-and-drop page builder, keep content consistent and compliant with flexible workflows, and translate to any language. Digital Marketing: Deliver personalized digital experiences and outperform your KPIs. Create smart online forms to collect detailed customer data, execute effective campaigns on the web, email, and social media, and use recommendations to increase customer engagement. Digital Commerce: Provide customers with a differentiated shopping experience, so they keep coming back. Create a stunning product catalog with search and filtering to help customers easily find what they are looking for. Recommend the right products, utilize rule-based promotions, and reach more customers with multiple languages, currencies, and payment options. CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM: Capture data about your visitors and customers and gain actionable insights to create personalized experiences. Segment audiences and spot the most promising leads and ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection regulations. AUTOMATION: Keep your customers engaged through automated actions. Nurture leads with drip campaigns, remind customers about abandoned shopping carts, and tell them it’s time to re-order their favorite products. Pick one of the templates or create your own automation with a drag-and-drop designer. ANALYTICS: Make confident business decisions by understanding your customers better. Track and analyze customer journeys, clearly assess campaign performance, and optimize experiences and increase conversion rates with A/B testing. View Projects Back to Partners

  • SYNERGY | Powell Software Partner

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Powell Software Mission Statement Powell 365 has revolutionized our ability to deliver a culturally branded portal that is mobile friendly and modern. Synergy has always had a strong focus on delivering an excellent user experience and intuitive portals to our customers. Powell truly understands that mission and enhances it by enabling Synergy and our customers to quickly and easily deploy new features and address changing business needs in a dynamic business environment, ensuring that your corporate portal remains fresh and relevant in lockstep with your company goals. And by simplifying delivery, as consultants, we can focus on works that bring more value to our customers like information architecture, automation, integration, best practices, governance, training, and adoption. About Powell Powell 365 Powell Software is an international Software Vendor, that drives digital transformation by offering customizable and evergreen intranet solutions, built on top of Office 365 and SharePoint. With offices in Europe, North-America and Asia, the Microsoft Gold Partner helps customers all over the world drive their digital transformation by offering revolutionary digital workplace collaboration and implementation products. More information can be found at Webinars Building an Intranet Portal on Microsoft Office 365 with Synergy and Powell Software Expert Roundtable - Shaping the Modern Digital Workplace Awards View Recent Case Study Back to Partners

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  • SYNERGY | SharePoint Consulting Experts

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact SharePoint Consulting Modernizing your business processes is not just a one and done deal, but instead is an ongoing process. Synergy’s Digital Transformation Experts utilize an array of technologies including (but not limited to) Office 365 or SharePoint to help you improve efficiencies relating to your business model. Whether you need training on tools in the Microsoft, Google, and Amazon technology stack or you’re looking for SharePoint, process automation consulting on collaboration best practices, or want to refresh or build your current intranet to reflect your brand, Synergy is the business that can take your ideas and make them a business reality. Implementing SharePoint solutions across companies of all types, sizes, and industries is Synergy’s passion. By utilizing our incredible team, we can help you initiate, plan, execute, and close your project successfully, on time, and within your budget. Not your average "Consultants" We believe that our clients deserve solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals, which is why we don’t like to label ourselves as “Consultants”, but rather Experienced Advisors. Our team believes in a collaborative approach, which means we will work with you to visualize your business’s best self. Together, from discovery to findings to implementation, we can bring 25 years of experience and proven methodologies across a variety of industries to work for you. More rewarding outcomes happen through CollaboratioN Better Intellectual Capital use Innovation and idea generation Breakdown of information silos across the organization Knowledge sharing and capture Increased transparency of information Increased productivity Enhanced ability to locate subject matter experts Reduction in the use of email for Corporate Communications Improved job satisfaction and company loyalty Our Clients Include

  • SYNERGY | SharePoint Custom Apps & Development

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact SharePoint CUstom apps & Development While SharePoint is a powerful platform of tools, most customers are looking for a little more. Whether that is integration with a line of business system, or a custom function or calculation, customizing SharePoint is as relevant today as it has ever been. While modern options are far more flexible and there are ready-made tools in the Microsoft Store, sometimes those tools just don’t cut it. In those cases, Synergy can help. Synergy has extensive experience building custom developed SharePoint Online and cloud solutions using current best practices and technologies. Whether you are looking to develop custom client-side web parts using SPFx Framework, TypeScript or ReactJS SharePoint Framework, or whether you are looking to develop Single Page Applications in Azure Apps in NodeJS, Synergy has the skills and experience you need. Our Process for Creating custom Apps Discovery Internal UAT Functional Specifications (or Specs) Final UAT Development Go Live! Our Clients Include Some of Our Tools Include

  • SYNERGY | IT Managed Services | Infrastructure & Business Continuity

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Support & ProjECT Services Managed Services See More Being visible on the first page of search engine results is important, and investing in Paid Search advertising is just one aspect of Synergy’s holistic approach to Digital Marketing. We can get your business in front of audiences that are actively searching for your business, services, or products. Infrastructure Management Business Continuity Social Media is not just used for building personal relationships any more; it is an integral part of any business's digital marketing strategy. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, we can develop a social strategy that meets your marketing goals. See More Service Desk Being visible on the first page of search engine results is important, and investing in Paid Search advertising is just one aspect of Synergy’s holistic approach to Digital Marketing. We can get your business in front of audiences that are actively searching for your business, services, or products. See More Security awareness training Social Media is not just used for building personal relationships any more; it is an integral part of any business's digital marketing strategy. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, we can develop a social strategy that meets your marketing goals. See More Project Services Infrastructure Upgrades An aging infrastructure can impact a business in a number of ways from unexpected system failures and resulting in downtime to an inability to leverage modern technology and collaboration solutions. Synergy will work with you to maximize your investments. Solutions include upgrading networking and backup equipment, perimeter defenses, server upgrades, and more. See More Cloud Adoption Migrating elements of your infrastructure and business technology to the cloud can be cost effective and reduce the risks and associated overhead of aging office-based systems. Synergy will work with you to leverage your cloud investments and to better understand and utilize the tools available to you. See More Cybersecurity Remediation At Synergy, we combine our deep industry knowledge with our end-to-end solutions for traditional and next generation technologies to assist you and your organization to be prepared with a plan and provide the proper support to help you recover. See More

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