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  • SYNERGY | Hudson Scenic Case Study

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Hudson Scenic Studio Virtualization Using Hyper-V Summary Data From pre-production planning and budgeting to installation and maintenance, Hudson Scenic Studio provides a full range of services to bring any stage project to life. Industry Theatrical Services Geography USA Consulting Project Services technologies Windows Server Hyper-V Challenges/Goals Replacement of the existing server hardware needed to be completed with minimal downtime and disruption A low cost solution was required, and any efforts to reduce operating costs were extremely beneficial Solution/Approach Purchase a new server with sufficient storage capacity to meet the client's requirement and build with Microsoft Windows Hyper-V server Perform P2V conversions on all aging servers out of normal business hours Results Work resulted in a reduction in server operating costs Increased storage capacity Simplified backup and recovery procedures while incurring nearly zero system downtime Overview Since 1980, Hudson Scenic Studio began as a small shop with just five employees in upstate New York. Today, the company makes its home in a 72,000 square foot facility in Yonkers, NY that enables it to build and set-up the large structures and intricate installations designed by many of the leading set designers, lighting designers, architects, and artists of our time. Hudson is 'where Broadway shows start'. From pre-production planning and budgeting to installation and maintenance, Hudson Scenic Studio provides a full range of services to bring any stage project to life. Challenges/ Goals Hudson was running production services on aging and end-of-life hardware and required a low cost solution to extend the life span of their business systems. Replacement of the existing server hardware needed to be completed with minimal downtime and disruption. They were also faced with outgrowing the storage capacity of their existing systems. Any cost savings that could be realized from minimizing power usage, cooling requirements in the server room would be beneficial to reducing ongoing costs. Also, ensuring that in the event of a device failure, recovery time should be minimized necessitating a careful look at the infrastructure and ways to accomplish these challenging and disparate goals. Replace several aging servers Increase storage capacity Limited budget/reduce ongoing costs Solution/ Approach After meeting with Hudson's IT staff and reviewing their goals carefully, Synergy designed a solution to incorporate the latest virtualization technology while leveraging the significant increase in storage capacity offered by current server hardware. To ensure costs were minimized, a single server solution with large storage capacity was designed and built with Microsoft Windows Hyper-V server 2008 R2, obviating the need for expensive third party virtualization technologies. We worked closely with Hudson's IT staff to schedule the work to minimize the impact to business and ensure the servers were tested after performing the physical to virtual conversions (P2V). Purchase a new high capacity single server Build server with Windows Server and implement Hyper-V Perform P2V conversions of aging servers Results All servers were successfully converted to Virtual Machines running under Hyper-V with near zero impact to the business as most conversions were performed out of normal operating hours, and zero impact to the end-users as no reconfigurations needed to be performed on their workstations. Thanks to the dramatic increase in hard drive capacities in recent years we were able to deliver a more than 10x increase in available storage over their previous servers, ensuring they have room for growth during the lifecycle of the current server. Other noticeable and welcome benefits were the reduction in server hardware from five servers down to a single server resulting in dramatically reduced noise, power and cooling requirements. By taking advantage of Microsoft Windows Backup built into Hyper-V server, we were also able to simplify the backup procedure, eliminate the need for expensive third-party backup software and replace tape media with low cost removable hard drives, as well as simplify their DR recovery procedure. Due to the fact that the virtual servers are hardware independent, it would be possible to rapidly restore the infrastructure to a new Hyper-V server. Reduce server operating costs Increase storage capacity Simplify backup and recovery Back to Case Studies

  • Gavin Adams

    Gavin Adams Technical Team Lead Gavin brings more than 15 years of experience in implementing and managing IT solutions with extensive experience across broad areas of IT including network and server infrastructure along with deep knowledge of application servers and systems. He is a SharePoint technology specialist and architect with intimate experience in providing the technology design of a large, regionalised implementation of SharePoint for a global engineering consulting practice. Gavin earned a Bachelor of Information Technology from CSU and is a natural problem solver with the skills to resolve system issues. He has invaluable analytical skills in identifying business requirements and the ability to translate those through to a successful system. He serves as the technical team leader for Synergy's Sydney-based team. With a speciality in architecting, building and troubleshooting SharePoint environments, Gavin likes to try and get the most out of SharePoint without using custom code. While at Uni, Gavin served for 5 years in the Royal Australian Air Force Active Reserve. In his spare time enjoys cooking and photography. Gavin is currently a volunteer bushfire fighter in the NSW Rural Fire Service. Australia United States United Kingdom Singapore South Africa

  • James Beck

    James Beck CEO, Principal Owner As an entrepreneur, esteemed business professional, marketer and technical consultant, James brings his infectious enthusiasm for technology and passion for customer satisfaction to every project he manages. Educated in the UK, James has a degree with honors in Business and Information Technology from Salford University. Leveraging his past experiences, including time as a senior network analyst with T-Mobile in the UK, as well as almost two decades of systems architectural design, James’ boundless energy and can-do attitude help our customers consistently achieve and exceed their business goals time and again. His commitment to excellence in project management, customer service, and extensive industry experience help establish lasting customer relationships. Current customers include Oakley, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, McDermott International, Toshiba and Nintendo. Day to day, James works tirelessly within our Business Solutions group in addition to helping drive marketing strategy for the business. He remains close to the architecture and on time delivery of projects and ensures customer service and excellence that has come to be the signature of doing business with SYNERGY. United States United Kingdom Australia Singapore South Africa

  • Business Executive

    Business Executive Your ‘Bilingual’ technology partner At SYNERGY, we speak the language of business. We also Speak “IT” As a business focused technology company, we are here to provide solutions that make your business better. Depending on the size of your organization you may “own IT” but you are not an IT person. Our goal is to act as your trusted advisor helping with strategy and execution based on your requirements. At SYNERGY we bring experience to the table in key areas where you require it. Whether it’s bringing knowledge and experience to the table, augmenting or training your employees, or assisting with your technology or digital strategies - we can help. Every business has it unique aspects but more often than not there are commonalities across organizations that share similar traits. Over time, every business makes technology choices that take you in one direction or another. As these journeys become compounded its common that organizations can get lost in the “technology” weeds. Let us help you take a step back and see “the wood for the trees”. Short term need or long term relationship - SYNERGY can help and with our fixed fee pricing methodology you’ll know what it’s going to cost up front.

  • Milan Gross

    Milan Gross Operations Lead - Synergy APAC Milan runs Synergy’s Asia Pacific operations. He is a consultant and trainer with over 20 years of active industry experience as an architect and developer of Microsoft technologies. Milan has been working with SharePoint technologies since their inception and admits to a voracious curiosity about technology and an equally great interest in sharing what he knows with others. This led naturally to an early career as a technology trainer teaching Windows Server administration, AD Architecture, SQL Server database design, and .NET application development. Milan remains a Microsoft Certified Trainer and holds MCSE, MCSD and MCDBA certifications, as well as an MRP from the University of Pennsylvania. Milan's published works include - Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Administrator's Companion. (Contributing author), Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Pocket Consultant (Contributing author), and SharePoint 2010 Administration Instant Reference (Co-Author) Australia United States United Kingdom Singapore South Africa

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service It’s time to start wearing your underpants on the outside Servicing customer needs can be cumbersome due to a lack of efficiency within your organization. Getting answers to questions and relying on tools such as email for internal feedback can lead to frustration for you and, in turn, customers suffer. ​ Let SYNERGY help you change the dynamic. Customer Service is the front line in how your customers view your organization. ​ All too often, the tools available to you to service your customers are lacking, which can result in a poor perception from the very people you need to keep happy. SYNERGY provides multiple solutions that can help you escape the status quo and travel to a place where amongst other things you can: Communicate more efficiently internally with your team and externally with your customers Better track and report on your activity Streamline and track customer issues helping with better FAQs and self-help content Identify issues and bottlenecks internally and back it up with evidence Reduce duplication of effort in dealing with customer support issues

  • Security Tracking of Office Property

    Security Tracking of Office Property ​ ​ Project Numbers ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Project Gallery NaN/1 < Previous Project Next Project >

  • Adult & Pediatric Dental Care of Westport

    Adult & Pediatric Dental Care of Westport ​ ​ Project Numbers ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Project Gallery NaN/1 < Previous Project Next Project >

  • Jai Kirdatt

    Jai Kirdatt Senior Web Developer One of our lead developers, Jai has been with Synergy for 6 years. He has a very strong work ethic, with a true passion for keeping up with new technologies and finding new efficiencies within his code. Jai has been involved on a multitude of client projects including: Harrah's Casinos, AT&T, Pepsi, Hershey's, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service Inc., Barclays Wealth, International Aero Engines and the City of Santa Rosa. Educated in the India, Jai received his Bachelor’s degree from Bhavan’s University and his Masters from University of Bridgeport in CT, both with Computer Science majors. Jai currently resides in Connecticut. United States United Kingdom Australia Singapore South Africa

  • Alba Thermal Imaging

    Alba Thermal Imaging I'm a paragraph. To update me, go to the Data Manager. The Data Manager is where you store and collect data for your site. I'm a paragraph. I'm connected to your collection through a dataset. To update me, go to the Data Manager. The Data Manager is where you store data to use in your site pages, or collect data from site visitors when they submit a form. This collection in the Data Manager is already set up with some fields and content. To customize it with your own content, you can import a CSV file or simply edit the placeholder text. You can also add more fields which you can connect to other page elements so the content displays on your published site. Remember to sync the collection so your content is live! You can add as many new collections as you need to store or collect data. With Presets, we’ve handled the page set up for you, but you can create the exact same functionality in your other site pages. To connect page elements to data, the first step is to add a dataset to the page and choose the collection you want to use. From the dataset Settings panel, you can filter or sort the available items, decide how your users can interact with the page (read/write), and more. Next, select the element you want to connect to the data, and choose the field you want to connect it to. So simple! If you want to add even more capabilities, enable Developer Tools to use JavaScript and APIs to add custom interactions and functionality to your site. To see what’s possible and get answers to your questions, check out the Wix Code Forum. Project Numbers 123K I’m text. To update me, go to the Data Manager. 12K I’m text. To update me, go to the Data Manager. 1,234 I’m text. To update me, go to the Data Manager. Project Gallery 1/1 < Previous Project Next Project >

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