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Sharegate Partner Case Study

Moving 1400 Workflows Using Sharegate

A Versatile Platform Complemented
by Third-Party Tools

Many of our customers run mission-critical applications on SharePoint. It’s simply that important to them. Part of the reason for this is that SharePoint is so much more versatile than ever before—it can do much more than it could years ago. And what functionality hasn’t been provided by Microsoft has been provided by third-party companies like Nintex.

In response, Synergy is a full-service SharePoint, from planning to training to customization. We optimize the SharePoint user experience and we brand SharePoint to meet our customers’ specific needs. One of the biggest services that our customers need, and that we provide, is migration to current SharePoint versions that maximize customer benefits. It can be a challenge.

As SharePoint becomes bigger and more complex, and as third-party extensions become bigger and more complex themselves, so does the job of migration. Traditional tools don’t migrate these extensions well. You lose metadata that has to be captured and migrated manually. You have to fix or rebuild workflows to get them to work in the new environment. The cost of these migrations can soar into the tens of thousands of dollars and take close to a year. For companies that depend on SharePoint, that time and expense aren’t tolerable.

Migrating Workflows Between Two SharePoint

We have a customer in the UK, a manufacturer of advanced-technology equipment. They use SharePoint and Nintex to manage information throughout their business. Those solutions are crucial; if they’re down, their business is down.

This customer was on SharePoint 2007; they had to migrate to 2013 because their version was no longer supported. But it was a challenge: 1,400 Nintex workflows, many large and complex, that wouldn’t migrate cleanly, and that would have to be fixed or rewritten — at a cost of up to $20,000 each. A single Nintex workflow progress table with 28 million rows of data. No single traditional tool would have done the job. Fortunately, we discovered Sharegate.

Working With Sharegate

Everything that Sharegate told us about their product was true. The initial attraction was that Sharegate partners with Nintex. That’s a real value-add in the SharePoint space. It means the Nintex workflows migrate far more cleanly than they would otherwise. Saw a significant reduction in the amount of custom development we needed to do because of that.

We’ve worked with all the large tools providers. Their software is powerful, but we’ve never found them easy to deal with; they’re focused on sales, not on partner and customer support.

Sharegate was exactly the opposite. The vast majority of the migration worked fine; but when we had an issue due to peculiarities of the customer environment, such as that massive database, they were enormously responsive. They immediately worked with us to identify the problem and address it. In the 25 years I’ve been in this business, Sharegate is the only company I’ve seen that has modified its product to support a customer on a particular project. And they were fast. It took them 10 days for a tool that would migrate every item we had a problem with.And we never reached out to higher ups at Sharegate for help; we went through normal channels. So I think our experience is probably typical of what any partner or customer would receive. Sharegate absolutely proved to me without a shadow of a doubt that they are responsive.

The total migration took five and a half months, mostly planning and testing. The actual migration took just seven days of that. We worked over a long holiday weekend and when they came back to work Monday morning, all critical workflows and 85% of total workflows were running on the upgrade. We took another three days to do the less impactful workflows. That’s half of the time it would likely have taken with traditional tools and major amounts of fixing and rewriting.

The migration cost was about one-third of what it otherwise would have been. The customer was very pleased with the huge savings of time and cost that they got with Sharegate. It was a big bonanza for them and the migration exceeded their expectations.

Become More Competitive Using Sharegate

Sharegate absolutely makes us more competitive. It’s an outstanding tool to have when discussing migration with a client.

Students Typing at Their Computers

“ Sharegate absolutely makes us more competitive. It’s an outstanding tool to have when discussing migration with a client.”

- Jason Blair, Senior Solutions Consultant Synergy



“ Sharegate is the only company I’ve seen that has modified its product to support a customer on a particular project. ”

- Jason Blair, Senior Solutions Consultant Synergy

7 Days


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