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COVID Remote Learning Transformation for trinity Grammar school

Summary Data

Pre-K to year 12 school successfully transforms its daily attendance register to support remote learning and student safety programs by leveraging the easy and powerful automation capabilities of Nintex Workflow Cloud









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  • COVID-19 mandated shift to remote learning. Trinity needed a way to quickly and accurately check attendance.

  • Close integration with existing systems, including Single Sign On, SQL and SMS services.  


  • Provide a Nintex Workflow Cloud Attendance form integrated with Canvass, Trinity’s LMS system. This form was responsive, enabling the student to use any device they had at home. A simple workflow submitted the form data to a SQL database and registered the student’s participation in scholastic activities.



Delivered a fully automated, responsive and tightly integrated student attendance solution in 48 hours.


Demonstrate the power and flexibility of Nintex cloud solutions and Synergy’s understanding of the unique challenges presented by COVID-19 to our customer Trinity Grammar School


Met the requirements to obtain detailed attendance information from 1,600 middle and senior-school students and integrate this data with existing systems, reducing technology footprint and cost.


Nintex, the global standard for process management and automation, and Sydney-based Synergy, a Premier Nintex Partner and 2020 Nintex Partner Award winner in the business continuity category, have successfully delivered a fully-automated, student roll call solution in 48 hours to support remote learning and student safety programs at Sydney's Trinity Grammar School.


"The shift to remote learning in 2020 happened with little warning," says Paul Queeney, Head of ICT at Trinity Grammar School. "We had a couple of days to change from classroom-based activity to having all students learning from home."

As part of this transition, the Australian school needed to swiftly and accurately check attendance to ensure students were participating in online activities each day. "Our plan was to continue to follow the school's existing timetable for classes, so we needed a way for students to confirm their participation each morning," adds Queeney.

To learn how Trinity Grammar School streamlined its daily attendance registration with Nintex Workflow Cloud during COVID-19 restrictions in Australia, read the case study at

Trinity has worked with Synergy for the past nine years to deploy a range of technologies including a Canvas Iearning management system and Synergetic school management system. "Synergy already had a strong knowledge of both the school and our technology infrastructure. Once we decided to use Nintex Workflow Cloud, with Synergy's help we were able to respond quickly and get a solution in place fast."


"The Nintex form allowed us to quickly assess which students were in attendance and whether there had been any unanticipated absences," says Queeney. "If a student failed to log their attendance, an SMS message was sent from the school's student management system to their parents asking for an explanation for the absence."

Since introducing the automated roll call system, more than 1,600 middle and senior-school students accessed the Nintex Form via the school's Canvas learning management platform to confirm their presence.

With Nintex Workflow Cloud, Trinity also configured single sign-on capabilities. "When a student logged into Canvas, they clicked a link to submit their attendance which opened the Nintex form which was lightweight and responsive, regardless of the device the student was using at home. The entire experience was seamless and has prepared Trinity to support remote learning and future lockdowns, as needed."

"At Synergy we believe the right technology, when implemented correctly, can make businesses better. The way in which we were quickly able to help Trinity Grammar School use Nintex Workflow Cloud as a digital solution during a challenging time, is a reflection of that commitment," said Gavin Adams, Synergy Solutions Architect.  

Established in 1913, Trinity Grammar School is an independent boys' school for pre-K to year 12. It has more than 2,000 students, a staff of 400, and three campuses in Sydney's inner west. The school is committed to delivering best-practice learning experiences for students and uses a mix of ICT resources to support classroom and administrative activities.

Trinity Grammar School now expects to leverage Nintex Workflow Cloud in other ways within the school.

"Nintex has capabilities that we can use to improve processes across the school and we'll continue to work with Synergy to identify opportunities for improvement. We still don't know if or when future periods of remote learning may be required, so it's good to have the attendance system available if we need it."

To experience the benefits of Nintex Workflow Cloud, request a demo at

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