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About The Project

Westport Dental Associates, P.C. was founded by Dr. Stanley P. Freeman in 1963. Dr. Freeman’s vision was to create a practice where patients are truly part of our extended family and receive exceptional care in a state of the art facility. Dr. Brian S. Duchan joined the practice in 1977, Dr. Adam J. Freeman, Stanley’s son, joined the practice in 1992, Dr. Hannah Ahn joined the practice in 2012, and our newest edition, Dr. Kimberly Farrell, in the beginning of 2018.

Together their mission is "To offer our community exceptional dentistry through our passion, integrity, and dedication to the art and science of dentistry. Through education, technology, techniques and continued training, we challenge ourselves to make a difference."

Westport Dental Associates is one of the oldest continuing practices in Fairfield County, continuing the tradition of excellence.

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