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Customer Service


It’s time to start wearing your underpants on the outside

Servicing customer needs can be cumbersome due to a lack of efficiency within your organization. Getting answers to questions and relying on tools such as email for internal feedback can lead to frustration for you and, in turn, customers suffer.

Let SYNERGY help you change the dynamic.

Customer Service is the front line in how your customers view your organization.

All too often, the tools available to you to service your customers are lacking, which can result in a poor perception from the very people you need to keep happy.

SYNERGY provides multiple solutions that can help you escape the status quo and travel to a place where amongst other things you can:

Communicate more efficiently internally with your team and externally with your customers


Better track and report on your activity


Streamline and track customer issues helping with better FAQs and self-help content


Identify issues and bottlenecks internally and back it up with evidence


Reduce duplication of effort in dealing with customer support issues

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