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Andrew Lock

Senior Web Developer

As Synergy’s Senior Developer and team lead, Andy brings to Synergy his 25 years supporting and developing software systems in Europe and North America in a broad variety of industries including telecommunications, libraries and archives, insurance, marketing, and healthcare.

He is equally versed in AWS and Microsoft Azure and has been involved with many cloud projects leveraging Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM cloud products, as well as more conventionally hosted solutions. He brings a can-do attitude and a strong passion for solving problems to our team, and takes great pride in writing the cleanest, most optimal code to get to a solution.

Andy has a great enthusiasm for technology and welcomes any opportunity to expand his skillset. Equally comfortable writing applications or websites, databases or blockchain. As a full stack developer, he can apply his knowledge and extensive experience to all stages of the software development process. From advising future clients on the best approach to achieve their goals, to guiding a project from design through to launch, and leading his team in developing top tier solutions to our valued customers.


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