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Our approach

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At Synergy, we believe in transparency in pricing, which is why we operate on a fixed-fee pricing approach. By doing this, we eliminate the concern about hidden fees and unknown outcomes, so that we can focus on what is important; completing your project on time and within your allocated budget.

This way you know what you’re going to spend before you spend it. Pretty simple really.

We clearly define the scope of our work with you during discovery/planning meetings to eliminate any uncertainty. Our fixed-fee methodology carries into our contracted/retainer agreements also; helping you to budget your spend and balance your budget.

When the scope of work seems unclear, we will enter into a ‘block’ arrangement where we will agree to a pre-purchased block of time. We will regularly report on time used and clearly communicate with you, so that there are never any surprises.

We know that our success depends on your success, and we attribute part of that success to our transparent approach in pricing, which has resulted in a multitude of healthy customer relationships since our founding in 1995.

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