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Infrastructure Upgrades

An aging infrastructure can impact a business in a number of ways, from unexpected system failures resulting in downtime, to an inability to leverage modern technology and collaboration solutions. Synergy will work with you to maximize your investments. Solutions include upgrading networking and backup equipment, perimeter defenses, server upgrades, and more.




Network Equipment


Perimeter Defenses


Backup Equipment

In the case of a failure, Synergy will get you back up and running, and when the timing is ideal, we can evaluate your business requirements to determine if migration to the cloud is the right move for you. If Cloud Adoption is in the forecast for your business, we will help you migrate to the cloud or help you optimize your current cloud structure, so that your business can reap the various benefits that the cloud provides.

Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption

Migrating elements of your infrastructure and business technology to the cloud can be cost effective and reduce the risks and associated overhead of aging office-based systems. Cloud adoption assists in creating redundancy for your data, which in turn enhances business continuity and your disaster recovery planning. When you adopt cloud technologies, you are helping to ensure all of your business’s IT assets are not in one basket.

Web Consultation

Synergy will work with you to leverage your cloud investments and to better understand and utilize the tools available to you.

  • We provide assistance in getting started with Cloud Adoption/Migration. We can determine which platform is right for you and assist with purchasing and licensing.

  • We will create a strategic plan to move your legacy technology into a cloud-based environment and provide education on how to utilize all of the benefits of the platform.

  • If you already have a cloud platform in place, we can help you understand and utilize the capabilities of your existing cloud environment, so you can maximize your investment.

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