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Digital Transformation is not just a one and done deal, but instead an ongoing process that your business needs to take to pave the way to modernization and efficiency. It is the process of utilizing an array of technologies including (but not limited to) Microsoft 365 or SharePoint to help you improve efficiencies relating to your business model.

Whether you need training on tools in the Microsoft, Google, and Amazon technology stack or you’re looking for SharePoint, process automation consulting on collaboration best practices, or want to refresh or build your current intranet to reflect your brand, Synergy is the business that can take your ideas and make them a business reality.

Modern Structure

Professional Services

Whether you are just starting your Digital Transformation journey, or you need assistance on different aspects of your current initiatives, Synergy’s Solutions Consulting team will work with your team, managers, and key stakeholders to understand your business’s goals and challenges.


A unified look-and-feel of your company’s brand within the tools it utilizes can be essential when it comes to promoting trust and unity amongst team members. Explore how Synergy will work with you to create a customized look-and-feel to the tools you utilize every day.

Intranet services

AI and machine learning are reshaping industries by making operations more efficient, enhancing customer experiences, and enabling data-driven decision-making. As your AI consulting partner, we ensure you're not just keeping up but leading the charge in your industry.

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Changes, such as Digital Transformation, can be pivotal to success for your business. But without all of your employees up to speed with the newest tools, business processes, and technology, that success may be hard to achieve. That’s why, at Synergy, we believe success goes hand-in-hand with proper training. We offer employee and user training for SharePoint and Office 365 solutions, so your employee’s skillset is enhanced along with the technology you are implementing.


Process Automation

Business Process Management

Business Process Management or BPM empowers organizations to discover, identify, and document the processes that are used every day, but which may not be followed consistently or completely. Mapping the roles staff need to fulfill, the steps required to complete tasks, and the risks and costs associated with these tasks gives a clear picture of what a company does and is essential to risk and compliance management. 

Process Automation

In the technology driven world of today, manual processes can be time consuming, riddled with human error and even inefficient. Streamlining your processes is not just about saving time, it’s about using resources effectively. The old adage is true – work smarter, not harder.


As a Nintex Premier Partner, Synergy uses time proven methodologies and a deep knowledge of Nintex technologies to deliver workflow solutions that help you capitalize on your organization’s time and ROI. Learn more about how our Solutions Consultants can work with you, whether you’re developing your first Nintex solution or working on a complex workflow.


Synergy’s Partnership with Webcon gives our experienced design and development team a powerful platform to deliver elegant and flexible process automation solutions. Webcon understands the needs of their customers which has resulted in Instant Change technology, citizen assisted development tools, and a truly innovative approach to delivering what customers want from their automation platform – flexibility and power, without worrying about where your data lives or about the long term impacts of upgrades or migrations, which are seamless with Webcon technologies.

Modern Structure

Sharepoint Custom Apps & Development

Having an internal resource for communication is a great way to solve problems, confer about different topics, promote collaboration and teamwork. Synergy offers consulting and implementation of Enterprise Social Networks within your organization by using various tools in the Microsoft stack, as well as other popular social platforms for business.

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