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Infrastructure Management

As your business adapts, your technology requirements will evolve. Synergy can assist in a multitude of ways. Our services include Lifecycle Management, end-point protection, malware and phishing solutions, and more. Our pro-active approach enables us to monitor and maintain the optimization of your critical systems, so your business technology continues to keep pace with your organization.


Pro-Active monitoring

At Synergy, we know that making sure your business continues to flow smoothly and efficiently is a priority. We take a pro-active approach to Infrastructure and Life Cycle Management. By monitoring the health of your infrastructure, workstations, data backups and more in real time, we gain detailed insights into the performance of the systems you use every day enabling us able to better forecast and address potential issues before they cause any noticeable work interruptions.


Network administration

Managing your active user accounts, maintaining your email distribution lists, onboarding new users and offboarding leavers, and ensuring your data is secure are just a few of the regular tasks that do not manage themselves. Synergy’s standard service offering includes all of these regular administrative tasks at no additional cost.

  • Backup management

  • Anti-Virus monitoring

  • Wi-Fi access and optimization monitoring

  • Storage tracking

  • Email thread protection

  • And more…

Life Cycle Management


The team at Synergy will monitor the life cycle of your assets and work with you to plan when assets need replacement or upgrades. Together, we will review which current tech options are best for your business needs to help your business stay productive.

Web Consultation


Synergy can assist with the process of purchasing hardware and help to ensure you are appropriately licensed on the software front. We know that no two organizations are exactly alike, so we take the time to fully examine your systems prior to making any recommendations.

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