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Steven Unsworth


As SYNERGY’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve combines almost 30 years of technical and engineering experience to provide mentorship and guidance both to our team internally and to our Customers. Steve ensures that you get the most out of your technology investments. His results-driven approach to project planning and network management help businesses grow and thrive with the technology at their disposal. Originally from Manchester, England, Steve was formerly a senior technical analyst for ComputerAid (UK) and was part of an outsourced team working onsite at US West (now Quest). Other outsourced engagements included time at British Aerospace, where he built and managed the technical support group.

Steve’s tireless pursuit of new and developing technology and his standards for excellence in project management, customer service, and process analysis have helped to drive SYNERGY’s technology solutions business since our inception in 1995.

Steve combines his extensive experience in business and resource management with his wealth of knowledge relating to data and systems management, communication systems, virtualization, and web applications, to name just some areas of expertise, to help drive cost-effective and powerful technology solutions for our clients in a host of different industries. His philosophy of reducing downtime and maximizing productivity through proactive management and monitoring has served our customers effectively for years.

Steve continues to develop our processes and improve our services as a part of his ongoing goal to continually offer greater efficiencies to our customers.


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