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Branding & Design

At Synergy, we believe making the tools you utilize every day look and feel cohesive to the current branding and culture of your business is just as important as the utilization and adoption of those tools. That’s why we focus on providing impactful and visually compelling designs that meet the needs of our clients and their brand culture, but also deliver the best user experience.

Ensuring your company’s brand is reflective across the tools that you use every day can make adoption of new tools easier amongst employees and will create a sense of unity and trust within the organization. We work with a number of partners who will help us achieve the desired solution that you are looking for.


OUr Approach

It is beyond dispute that the most successful and innovative intranets and SharePoint solutions are culturally branded. Given the importance of branding and embracing your organization's unique company culture in your intranet, we place a lot of importance on our process for branding and getting to know your company culture as part of our engagements with customers. 






Internal Collaboration




During our discovery process, our design and user experience experts will be looking to understand the structure of your organization and how people think about content, identify the tools people use, and the specific challenges your project team are looking to address as part of your project. We work closely with your marketing and corporate communications team to understand how you present your organization internally and to customers or vendors. Using these factors and our extensive experience in optimizing technology to deliver excellent user experience and intuitive design, will offer several designs and methods of content presentation for your team to consider. We’ll work with you to refine and reshape those designs until the finished designs are a marriage of the best of modern intranet design and your brand and culture.

"out of the box" solutions

Let us show you how to take SharePoint beyond "out of the box" to a portal you are proud to share with your workforce. Whether you want to leverage SharePoint modern pages and design, or you are looking for the innovation and value a branding and design partner can bring to your organization, Synergy’s expert design and branding team can transform your intranet from a boring, stale platform to a dynamic and engaging home page for collaboration and news.

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