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Platforms such as SharePoint, Nintex, and Facebook Workplace can be key to productive collaboration, communication, and cutting-edge management within your business. At Synergy, we believe that getting the most out of tools like SharePoint requires user training strategy with real-life experts who know the best practices and use them in their day to day work.

Synergy offers training to all levels of users, and strives to cater all training not only to the tech at hand, but also how the tech can be used in your organization in a way that adheres to your business processes and governance guidelines.

Web Consultation

Training Offerings Include


Who will be teaching?

Synergy offers a real-world training team for all classes. This means that the trainer will not be a person who spends all of their time just reading about the topics at hand, just to regurgitate that information later. All of our trainers are not trainers by trade, but developers and solutions consultants who work with the products you are learning about every day. Because of this, we include best practices, common mistakes, and even tips & tricks in all of our classes.  


Training Team

All of our SharePoint training courses are written and taught by experienced consultants who have real-world SharePoint project experience. Each holds one or more industry-recognized certifications besides being a working professional in the subject they teach.


Premium Courseware

Each SharePoint training class Synergy offers includes a comprehensive courseware book which is a distillation of our lecture content—all the presented slides and copies of our hands-on lab exercises. You’ll find it so useful you’ll want to keep it as a handy resource after the course is complete.


Training The way
You Want It

We offer Private and Custom-crafted classes. Our Private classes have been designed to cover key SharePoint topics in as little as a single day. Both utilize our premium courseware materials.

Our custom-crafted option includes branded materials and class content specific to your business needs. Let us know what kind of training your business requires and we’ll provide it.


Usable Skills
Day One

You’ll come away from your training class with skills ready to put to work, right away. This is why much of our course content is comprised of hands-on exercises that take you, click-by-click, through just the sorts of situations where you will be using SharePoint on a daily basis.

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