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Adult Education Course


Information Worker - 1 Day

This 1-day class takes users who have never used SharePoint through introductory lessons on how to create and edit information in SharePoint. The course explains the purpose of SharePoint sites, how to navigate between sites and how to create and edit list items such as contacts and calendar events. The course also covers uploading and editing documents and the basic document management features of SharePoint. This course covers features that are accessible to users who are granted permissions through the standard site Members group.

  • Introduction – What Is SharePoint?

  • Navigating and Searching

  • Understanding Web Parts and Personalizing SharePoint Pages

  • Understanding Document Libraries and Lists

  • Using Workflows

  • Document Management Capabilities

  • Working With Content Offline

  • Staying Informed with Alerts

  • Content Recovery Options - Recycle Bin and Recovering Versions

  • My Site and Social Networking Features

Information Worker

Site Administrator - 2 Days

This course provides users who will be SharePoint Site Administrators with the skills and knowledge to manage a SharePoint site and sub-sites. We provide a seasoned SharePoint trainer to show students how to create new sites and create new pages within sites as well as configuring navigation between pages within the site. The course explains how to customize the look and feel of a site using the administrative settings as well as how to manage security and information management policies for the site. This course covers features that are accessible to users who are granted permissions through the standard site Owners group.

  • Introduction - An Overview of Sites and Site Administration Role

  • Creating, Customizing and Managing Sites and Web Pages

  • Understanding Document Libraries and Lists

  • An Introduction to Document Management

  • An Introduction to Content Types

  • Managing Metadata and Information Management Policies

  • Configuring SharePoint Workflows

  • Site and List Templates

  • Managing Site Administration Settings

  • Managing Security with Permissions

Site Administrator

Content Manager - 1 Day

The purpose of this day long course is to provide the basic skill set for the management and display of information using the Web Content Management features in SharePoint. SharePoint provides a robust set of capabilities for controlling creating, formatting and publishing content. This control allows for the separation of content management and site management. A content manager can focus on ensuring accurate and timely display of information without the added responsibilities of managing sites. The Content Manager course puts in the hands of content managers the tools and capabilities to leverage the Web Content Management features of SharePoint and to align the flow and display of content with organizational requirements and business needs.

  • Introduction to Content Management

  • Using Web Content Management

  • Content Authoring (Publishing Pages)

  • Content Publishing (Workflows)

  • Working With Metadata

  • Working with App Parts and Web Parts

  • Managing Social, SEO and Analytics​

Content Manager

Business Integration - 2 Days

The Business Integration course is a 2 day course that provides staff with the skills necessary to implement and manage Business Intelligence within the SharePoint Server Enterprise. Professionals will learn how to leverage the powerful reporting features within SharePoint to give managers and employees key information about their business, allowing them to make faster, better decisions based on real-time business intelligence.

  • Business Integration Overview

  • Excel Services

  • Business Data Catalog

  • InfoPath Forms Services

  • Workflows

Business Integration

Development Introduction - 2 or 5 Days

This course provides staff with an introduction to essential development topics for customizing and extending SharePoint.

The purpose of this course is to give students an introductory understanding of development technologies and approaches in SharePoint. This course is oriented towards experienced .NET developers who have experience with C#, XML, and web development. The course walks student through best practices for building SharePoint enhancements and introduces them to the tools and templates available from Microsoft and third party sources to help build solutions. Please contact us for details on course structure.

  • Overview of SharePoint Development

  • Office SharePoint Server Architecture

  • Building Web Parts

  • Packaging and Deploying Solutions

  • Server and Client Object Model

  • Data Access Methods

  • Creating Event Handlers

  • Sandbox Solutions

  • Developing Custom Workflows

  • Business Connectivity Services

  • Developing Business Intelligence

Development Introduction

Disaster Recovery - 1 Day

This 1-day course provides staff with an overview and detailed procedures for using the SharePoint tools to back up and restore data in the farm. The focus is on both content recovery, where only a subset of data or documents has been lost and needs to be recovered, and on disaster recover where the entire farm must be restored.

  • Overview

  • Content Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery – Backing up and Restoring Site Collections

  • Disaster Recovery – Backing up and Restoring the SharePoint Farm

  • Disaster Recovery - Backing Up and Restoring SharePoint using SQL Server

  • Disaster Recovery - Other items to back up

Disaster Recovery

Nintex Workflow
Site Admin - 1 Day 
|  Admin/Developer - 2 Days

SYNERGY’s Nintex Workflow class is a comprehensive course giving the Site Administrator or workflow designer an in-depth look at workflows in SharePoint. The one day course starts with a view to understanding workflow capabilities and limitations with out-of-the-box and traditional workflow design tools and the underlying engine that drives workflow in SharePoint, but focuses on the workflow designer capabilities provided by the Nintex Workflow in creating custom workflows for your enterprise.

In addition to an overall understanding of workflows and Nintex Workflow capabilities, this course also provides skills in troubleshooting workflows, business process analysis using the built-in Nintex Workflow Web Parts, and a detailed look at the process of gathering requirements and creating custom workflows and the steps a workflow designer must take to successfully deploy workflows in their organization. It also covers governance options, installation and configuration of Nintex Workflow and associated features, and advanced capabilities targeted towards developers or more experienced workflow designers. Students will also learn how to troubleshoot and debug published workflows.

Skills Gained:

  • Understand workflows and the components of a workflow

  • Understand the out-of-the-box workflows and the limitations of OOB workflows

  • Understand the business process of creating custom workflows in the enterprise

  • Know the options and limitations for creating custom workflows

  • Understanding the capabilities and limitations of the different Nintex Workflow Licenses

  • Have a thorough understanding of the design interface of Nintex Workflow

  • Understand the capabilities and unique aspects of Nintex Workflow and how to leverage them in custom workflows

  • Understand how and where to troubleshoot workflows

  • Leveraging the Nintex Workflow Web Parts for users and SharePoint Administrators

  • Have an understanding of the uses of the actions provided by Nintex Workflow and how to customize and configure actions

  • Create reusable workflow snippets and templates, and understand how to move workflows around the SharePoint environment

  • Publishing Workflow Constants and User Defined Actions​

Nintex Workflow

Nintex Forms

SYNERGY’s Nintex Forms class is a comprehensive course giving the Site Administrator, SharePoint Administrator, or Developer an in-depth class in building simple, mobile, and advanced forms using Nintex Forms. Starting with a chapter to help attendees learn about the different platforms in SharePoint for forms delivery including SharePoint List forms, InfoPath Forms and InfoPath Forms Services, and Nintex Forms, this ensures that students understand the capabilities, limitations and considerations for each of these form design options and when to use each. We cover the installation, configuration, and deployment of Nintex Forms, including Nintex Live settings in Central Administration, followed by the deployment of the Nintex Form features on web applications and site collections.

The course moves into delivering design basics and best practices for developing successful form solutions in the enterprise, including branding, look-and-feel, and considerations for optimizing user experience. This includes requirements gathering, documentation, change control, and governance considerations. Students are introduced to the design canvas and settings provided by Nintex Forms, an in-depth review of Nintex Form Controls, deployment scenarios and configuration of Forms web parts, and finally students are provided skills and information for advanced design and functionality including CSS, inline and runtime functions, rules, connecting controls, building and integrating Nintex Workflow Start and Task forms, mobile forms, and additional advanced options using JavaScript.

Skills Gained:

  • Understand the different form options including out-of-the-box forms, InfoPath Forms, and Nintex Forms in SharePoint and when to use each

  • Understand the components and capabilities of Nintex Forms

  • Understand the Nintex Forms design tool

  • Know how to customize and publish custom SharePoint List Forms

  • Understand and be able to design Nintex Workflow Start and Task Forms

  • The capability to design, customize and publish mobile accessible forms

  • Have techniques and skills to perform validation, lookups, and advanced functions​

Nintex Forms
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