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Intrepid Sea, Air And Space Museum

Refurbished ship. Refurbished website.

Summary Data

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum is one of America's leading historic, cultural and educational institutions.



Historical Museum, Educational Facility, Tourist attraction & Non-profit









Digital Strategy


Design & Web Development


  • Fully Content Managed Website

  • Compelling Visual Design

  • Fixed launch date and no tolerance for delay


  • Identify Target audience segments

  • Identify information needs

  • Apply visual design



Fully content managed website


Content speaks directly to
intended audiences


The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is one of America’s leading historic, cultural and educational institutions. Opened in 1982, the Museum has welcomed more than 10 million visitors. The Museum is centered on the aircraft carrier Intrepid (CVS-11), one of the most successful ships in US history, and now a national historic landmark and one of the most unique attractions in New York City. In 1943, Intrepid was commissioned and served proudly in World War II. She went on to serve as one of the primary recovery vessels for NASA, three tours of duty off Vietnam, and submarine surveillance in the North Atlantic during the Cold War. Today she continues her service as a premiere educational center and a monument to all who have served our nation in uniform. Recently the Intrepid was thrilled to have been chosen as the new home for Enterprise (OV-101), the first Space Shuttle Orbiter, which will be open to visitors on 2014.

Before & After

See how SYNERGY improved Intrepid's site below





At the same time The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum was undergoing a total refit of their primary museum space (the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier), they decided to rebuild their website and launch the new website in coordination with the return of the refurbished carrier to its home at Pier 86 on New York’s west side.

The challenge that was presented was to produce a visually compelling website that offered an appropriate and intelligent user experience enabling smooth access to the wealth of information the new website would present and speak to different groups of people ranging from historical enthusiasts, educators, kids & families, groups and event planners. Additionally, the resulting solution needed to be fully content managed.

Their primary requirements were:

  • Fully Content Managed Website (very important as the Intrepid needed the ability to completely modify the homepage of the website for special events and then return it to its regular state with ease).

  • Compelling Visual Design (that allowed for content expansion where needed)

  • Represent the Museum well to local communities, out of town visitors and fans internationally

  • Provide an “easy to navigate” structure to the content

  • Represent the primary and secondary content properly for the target audience

As a part of the RFP process, each bidder was asked to prepare a presentation for their website management team, consisting of the Executive Director of the museum, the Chief Financial Officer, the Director of technology and marketing representatives. They also asked for three visual designs reflecting how we imagined their homepage.


After an involved RFP process, Synergy was successful in our fixed price bid.

Synergy has a tried and true approach to enterprise level website development based on years of experience and a desire to “get it right first time”. Upon commencing the project, we drew upon our breadth of experience drawing on important aspects of website design that are universal:

  • Each website has a target audience that may be broken down into primary and secondary segments

  • Each segment has a need and a purpose for visiting a website

  • Each organization has something (information, content, a message, or a product) that they want the audience to see

We drew upon this experience to confirm the primary and secondary audiences, identified each audience’s needs and from this information created taxonomy ensuring the website content would meet the audience’s requirements.

Once this structure was known – we then applied best in class visual design to it, the result being a website that met the needs of the client and their users.


The results speak for themselves. We not only launched the website on time but it was precisely the website that the Intrepid needed and their customers wanted. Its full CMS controls allow the Intrepid web and marketing staff to have complete control over the website structure and content with little or no .NET development skills.

When all was said and done, the director thanked us for doing exactly what we said we would.

“Your research identified exactly what we needed and you walked us through the project explaining each step so there were no surprises – each recommendation made complete sense and in the end we have exactly the website we wanted.”

Thanks to the success of this project we continue to work with the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on an ongoing basis:

  • Synergy designed and built a new website for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

  • Synergy gave assistance with the Space Shuttle Petition and resulting Shuttle website

  • Development of donation engines and ticketing site integration

  • Implementation, branding and training Intrepid’ s SharePoint Intranet

Synergy maintains an excellent working relationship with the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum and remains their internet technology vendor of choice.

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