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At Synergy, we pride ourselves on being a digital transformation company that helps keep your business modernized and efficient. We offer Intranet Services to enhance internal communication, AI Adoption and Consulting to integrate advanced technologies, and Process Automation to streamline operations. Our team is here to support your business at every stage of your journey. Explore how Synergy can be a guide and resource for your business.

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Companies have depended on our integrated managed services to remove the distraction and stress of managing their systems. We offer an integrated, fixed-fee approach to our technical services offerings, working step-by-step with you to ensure your technology needs are met.


Managing an online presence for your business can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Synergy’s Digital Marketing group can help you realize your business’s marketing and branding goals. We can help you exploreall aspects of Digital Strategy to help grow your online presence, creating new business opportunities, and expand your audience.


"Synergy are my go-to IT guys. I’ve worked with them as CFO of four different companies over the past fifteen years. I know that when I’m new in a role & I need IT support, I can rely on them to make the same positive impression that I want to make myself".

Mark Pritchard, United Safety & Survivability Corp

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