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When campaigns are optimally set up, the results of those campaigns become data. Data is extremely important to any healthy Digital Marketing Strategy, because it provides insight into what optimizations need to be made for continued success. At Synergy, we take the time to analyze trends within your marketing efforts using various marketing tools. Each of our clients receives reporting on a regular basis. Our strategists take the time to explain to our clients why we make certain changes and recommendations for their campaigns, so there is never any uncertainty on the direction of Digital Marketing efforts.

We know that Digital Marketing is ever evolving, so we are always on the lookout for upcoming trends in the market. Our strategists will work with you to understand new trends, if and how it is relevant to your business, and how to implement it into your current Digital Strategy.


Landing Pages

Different landing page layouts, color schemes, verbiage, call to actions, and more can be tested. Our strategists will review the data and recommend changes according to responses to different landing pages.



Our strategists will review current data available and conduct research to develop target audiences for certain campaigns in your Digital Marketing strategies. Testing to expand audiences is beneficial as new data is developed, goals change, or if new products or services become available.



Optimizing campaigns for better conversion rates or costs per conversion acquisition is an ongoing process for all Digital Marketing campaigns. Conversions can look different for every business. For example, a form submission for a newsletter, selling a product/service, or even viewing a key page of your site can be counted as conversions. With the proper tracking implementations in place, our strategists can work with you to better optimize your sales funnel.

Some Common Tests & Optimizations We Focus On

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