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Mission Statement

Create modern websites with ease, flexibility, and full control over your content. Design beautiful webpages and reuse content in your mobile app, email campaigns, and other channels. With Kentico Xperience, you can maintain consistency and compliance throughout the entire content lifecycle.

About Kentico

Create engaging experiences and grow your business faster with a seamless digital experience platform that combines content management, digital marketing, and commerce.

  • Content Management: Create modern websites and reuse content in your mobile app, email campaigns, and other channels. Design beautiful landing pages using a drag-and-drop page builder, keep content consistent and compliant with flexible workflows, and translate to any language.

  • Digital Marketing: Deliver personalized digital experiences and outperform your KPIs. Create smart online forms to collect detailed customer data, execute effective campaigns on the web, email, and social media, and use recommendations to increase customer engagement.

  • Digital Commerce: Provide customers with a differentiated shopping experience, so they keep coming back. Create a stunning product catalog with search and filtering to help customers easily find what they are looking for. Recommend the right products, utilize rule-based promotions, and reach more customers with multiple languages, currencies, and payment options.

  • CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM: Capture data about your visitors and customers and gain actionable insights to create personalized experiences. Segment audiences and spot the most promising leads and ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection regulations.

  • AUTOMATION: Keep your customers engaged through automated actions. Nurture leads with drip campaigns, remind customers about abandoned shopping carts, and tell them it’s time to re-order their favorite products. Pick one of the templates or create your own automation with a drag-and-drop designer.

  • ANALYTICS: Make confident business decisions by understanding your customers better. Track and analyze customer journeys, clearly assess campaign performance, and optimize experiences and increase conversion rates with A/B testing.

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