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    ALWAYS THINKING. INNOVATING. IMPROVING. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION SERVICES Digital Transformation is not just a one and done deal, but instead an ongoing process that your business needs to take to pave the way to modernization and efficiency. Synergy is an elite solutions partner made up of consultants, developers, and branding experts, and has been in the business of making businesses better for 25 years. Explore how we can be a guide and resource for your business, no matter what stage of Digital Transformation you’re in. Engage SUPPORT & PROJECT SERVICES Companies have depended on our integrated managed services to remove the distraction and stress of managing their systems. We offer an integrated, fixed-fee approach to our technical services offerings, working step-by-step with you to ensure your technology needs are met. Establish DIGITAL STRATEGY Managing an online presence for your business can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Synergy’s Digital Marketing group can help you realize your business’s marketing and branding goals. We can help you exploreall aspects of Digital Strategy to help grow your online presence, creating new business opportunities, and expand your audience. Market "Synergy are my go-to IT guys. I’ve worked with them as CFO of four different companies over the past fifteen years. I know that when I’m new in a role & I need IT support, I can rely on them to make the same positive impression that I want to make myself". Mark Pritchard, United Safety & Survivability Corp SCROLL Down Arrow

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    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact COVID Remote Learning Transformation for trinity Grammar school Summary Data Pre-K to year 12 school successfully transforms its daily attendance register to support remote learning and student safety programs by leveraging the easy and powerful automation capabilities of Nintex Workflow Cloud Industry Education Geography Australia Consulting SharePoint Consulting Custom Integration Nintex Workflow & Process Automation technologies Nintex SQL Challenges/Goals COVID-19 mandated shift to remote learning. Trinity needed a way to quickly and accurately check attendance. Close integration with existing systems, including Single Sign On, SQL and SMS services. Solution/Approach Provide a Nintex Workflow Cloud Attendance form integrated with Canvass, Trinity’s LMS system. This form was responsive, enabling the student to use any device they had at home. A simple workflow submitted the form data to a SQL database and registered the student’s participation in scholastic activities. Results Delivered a fully automated, responsive and tightly integrated student attendance solution in 48 hours. Demonstrate the power and flexibility of Nintex cloud solutions and Synergy’s understanding of the unique challenges presented by COVID-19 to our customer Trinity Grammar School Met the requirements to obtain detailed attendance information from 1,600 middle and senior-school students and integrate this data with existing systems, reducing technology footprint and cost. Overview Nintex, the global standard for process management and automation, and Sydney-based Synergy, a Premier Nintex Partner and 2020 Nintex Partner Award winner in the business continuity category, have successfully delivered a fully-automated, student roll call solution in 48 hours to support remote learning and student safety programs at Sydney's Trinity Grammar School. Challenges/ Goals "The shift to remote learning in 2020 happened with little warning," says Paul Queeney, Head of ICT at Trinity Grammar School. "We had a couple of days to change from classroom-based activity to having all students learning from home." ​ As part of this transition, the Australian school needed to swiftly and accurately check attendance to ensure students were participating in online activities each day. "Our plan was to continue to follow the school's existing timetable for classes, so we needed a way for students to confirm their participation each morning," adds Queeney. ​ To learn how Trinity Grammar School streamlined its daily attendance registration with Nintex Workflow Cloud during COVID-19 restrictions in Australia, read the case study at ​ Trinity has worked with Synergy for the past nine years to deploy a range of technologies including a Canvas Iearning management system and Synergetic school management system. "Synergy already had a strong knowledge of both the school and our technology infrastructure. Once we decided to use Nintex Workflow Cloud, with Synergy's help we were able to respond quickly and get a solution in place fast." Results "The Nintex form allowed us to quickly assess which students were in attendance and whether there had been any unanticipated absences," says Queeney. "If a student failed to log their attendance, an SMS message was sent from the school's student management system to their parents asking for an explanation for the absence." Since introducing the automated roll call system, more than 1,600 middle and senior-school students accessed the Nintex Form via the school's Canvas learning management platform to confirm their presence. With Nintex Workflow Cloud, Trinity also configured single sign-on capabilities. "When a student logged into Canvas, they clicked a link to submit their attendance which opened the Nintex form which was lightweight and responsive, regardless of the device the student was using at home. The entire experience was seamless and has prepared Trinity to support remote learning and future lockdowns, as needed." "At Synergy we believe the right technology, when implemented correctly, can make businesses better. The way in which we were quickly able to help Trinity Grammar School use Nintex Workflow Cloud as a digital solution during a challenging time, is a reflection of that commitment," said Gavin Adams, Synergy Solutions Architect. Established in 1913, Trinity Grammar School is an independent boys' school for pre-K to year 12. It has more than 2,000 students, a staff of 400, and three campuses in Sydney's inner west. The school is committed to delivering best-practice learning experiences for students and uses a mix of ICT resources to support classroom and administrative activities. Trinity Grammar School now expects to leverage Nintex Workflow Cloud in other ways within the school. "Nintex has capabilities that we can use to improve processes across the school and we'll continue to work with Synergy to identify opportunities for improvement. We still don't know if or when future periods of remote learning may be required, so it's good to have the attendance system available if we need it." To experience the benefits of Nintex Workflow Cloud, request a demo at About Nintex Nintex is the global standard for process management and automation. Today more than 8,000 public and private sector clients across 90 countries turn to the Nintex Platform to accelerate their digital transformation journeys by enabling them to quickly and easily manage, automate and optimize business processes. Learn more by visiting and experience how Nintex and its global partner network are shaping the future of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). ​ Product or service names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. ​ SOURCE Nintex Back to Case Studies

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    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Our people ​ How We Work Synergy isn’t just our name, it’s a part of our value set. We work everyday collaboratively within our own internal groups and as an extension of our customers project teams. Leadership James Beck James Beck Originally from the UK, James brings his infectious enthusiasm for technology and passion for customer satisfaction to every venture. ​ Leveraging his two+ decades of consulting experience with businesses large and small, James’ boundless energy and can-do attitude helps our customers around the globe consistently achieve and exceed their business goals time and again. ​ His commitment to excellence in project management, customer service, and his extensive industry experience forms the foundation of Synergy's lasting customer relationships. ​ Day to day, James works within our Digital Transformation group, while ensuring customer service and excellence company-wide, which has become the signature of doing business with Synergy. Milan Gross Milan Gross Milan runs Synergy’s Asia Pacific area operations. He is a consultant, trainer, and strategist with over 20 years of active industry experience as an architect and developer of Microsoft technologies. ​ Merging his career as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and working with SharePoint technologies since its inception, Milan admits to a voracious curiosity for technology and an equally great interest in sharing what he knows with others. Milan is a published author, a graduate of University of Pennsylvania, and holds MCSE, MCSD and MCDBA certifications. ​ Milan's published works include - Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Administrator's Companion. (Contributing author), Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Pocket Consultant (Contributing author), and ​SharePoint 2010 Administration Instant Reference (Co-Author) Steven Unsworth Steven Unsworth As Synergy’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve combines over 35 years of technical and engineering experience to provide mentorship and guidance both to our internal and to our customers. ​ Originally from Manchester, England, Steve’s tireless pursuit of new and developing technologies and his standards for excellence in project management, customer service, and process analysis have helped to drive Synergy’s Support and Project Services side of the business since our inception in 1995. ​ Steve ensures that you get the most out of your technology investments. His results-driven approach to project planning and network management help businesses grow and thrive with the technology at their disposal. His philosophy of reducing downtime and maximizing productivity through pro-active management and monitoring has served our customers effectively for years. Jason Blair jason Blair Jason is an IT professional with over 25 years of industry experience in a wide range of technologies. Initially serving as a support and customer service specialist supporting small and mid-sized businesses, his experience includes team and project management, infrastructure design, intranet and SharePoint design and implementation, process automation, cybersecurity advisory services, and training. He is a Cloud and SharePoint technology specialist with experience in designing, customizing and implementing business solutions for our enterprise customers in a wide range of industries. Jason holds a number of Microsoft certifications on Windows, SQL and SharePoint, and Office 365. In addition to Cloud and SharePoint solutions work, his passion for designing and implementing automated processes in Nintex technologies with a focus on optimizing customer ROI have earned him the recognition by Nintex as a vTE, or Virtual Technology Evangelist. Jason has leveraged his love of working with people and his passion for technology to become partner with Synergy, whose passion matches his own. He thoroughly enjoys delivering top shelf solutions with a consistent focus on best practices and an excellent user experience to help clients get the most out their technology. Mopsey Mopsey Mopsey is our Chief Happiness Officer (CHO). She focuses on the welcoming of visitors and on the raising of office morale. She specializes in door watching, fetching, and of course, snuggles. When she is not greeting, she likes to take naps somewhere around the office where she most feels like she may be needed.

  • Malcolm Kanter

    Malcolm Kanter UK Operations Lead Malcolm runs our UK operations which started trading in 1998. Malcolm's success comes down to his outstanding customer service capabilities, a strength which he shares with members of the team across the globe. A regular traveler to our other offices, Malcolm's expertise is best spent ensuring our ongoing global commitment to ever improving customer service and satisfaction. In addition to running our services business the UK operation, Malcolm is also a successful independent wholesaler of hardware producing over £13.5m in revenue in the last 12 months alone. Vendors include HP, Cisco, SonicWall, WatchGuard, NetGear, and 3COM. United Kingdom United States Australia Singapore South Africa

  • Madison Duffy

    Madison Duffy Web Designer/Front End Developer As one of Synergy’s Creative Leads, Madison came to us from a leading NYC media agency. There she was part of a team of graphic designers in the new business group. Madison provided the agency with materials to pitch to and acquire new clients including Uber, Hilton, Ally Bank, and eBay. Her experience and record of results working in both graphic and web design brought her to Synergy, where she continues to contribute to the success of the company, and more importantly, our customers. Madison works on projects that span her creative range working on digital ads, customer logos and marketing materials to new website wireframes, landing pages, and the implementation of full website redesigns. She loves working in both artistic and technical fields, being able to create something that is user friendly and intuitive, but still aesthetically pleasing to look at. Madison is a Graphic Design graduate from Boston University. Her career to date has confirmed what she learned in college: everything relates back to the basic concepts of design. It doesn’t matter whether it’s graphic- or web-based design, the basic concepts don’t change. Separate to her mastery of the creative arts Madison is an Adobe Creative Suite Ninja, a part of Synergy’s Wix partner team but acts as a ground up coder as needed to best to manipulate the representation of graphic assets. Always an enthusiastic learner, Madison is constantly improving and adapting her skills to stay current with industry trends. She is well organized, detail oriented, and committed to completing the task at hand. She is a consistent over-achiever who values people first, with strong communication, time management and analytical skills. Madison also teaches part-time at the local community college as she enjoys helping new designers as they start their journey in the field and offers advice based on her past clients and industry experiences. United States United Kingdom Australia Singapore South Africa

  • Maitri Vyas

    Maitri Vyas Solutions Consultant Maitri is an innovative, motivated and results oriented project manager with over fifteen years of experience. She has a passion and proven track record for building relationships and exceeding client and management expectations. Maitri plans and manages all aspects of projects from kick-off to final acceptance, carefully aligning defined business goals with the technology solutions recommended by Synergy’s subject matter experts. Synergy and our clients often joke that we are ‘afraid of Maitri’. Ever the consummate professional, Maitri nonetheless diligently holds resources on both sides of a project accountable for their tasks and deadlines, part of what makes her such a valuable member of our team. Between organizing, prioritizing and assigning tasks, Maitri keeps everyone honest and on track. Integral to her role is her focus on continual process improvements, ensuring that with each project Synergy absorbs the lessons learned to refine our service delivery to optimize our competitive advantage and help both Synergy and our customers realize bottom-line gains. Maitri is an expert in agile and waterfall project management methodologies and is known for her ability to produce high-quality deliverables from both client and Synergy resources. Maitri is a certified Project Management Professional and Certified Scrum Master. United States United Kingdom Australia Singapore South Africa

  • Bob Slaymaker

    Bob Slaymaker SharePoint Consultant As a senior solutions consultant Bob started his career over a two decades ago, working as a laptop repair technician while going to school to work on his degree. He has worked at Synergy as a helpdesk technician, developer, DBA, Webmaster, Infrastructure Engineer, Trainer and finally Consultant since that time. Bob has spent the last several years working with customers on analyzing complex technology problems, identifying and implementing solutions founded on best practices to ensure a successful strategic outcome for the business. Bob’s experience working closely with Synergy clients to identify how SharePoint, cloud and 3rd party tools can be leveraged to solve specific business challenges with well-engineered and structured technology solutions to ensure a successful project outcome. Along with Consulting, Bob works with Synergy clients in all aspects of cloud and SharePoint implementations and migrations. His diverse background and range of skills allows him to have a full understanding of all the pieces that need to fit together, with an eye towards sustainability and long term growth while easing administrative burdens by leveraging modern tools and practices. This understanding gives him the ability to work in close conjunction with executive leaders and critical IT staff at our clients to insure successful implementations. Bob’s infrastructure background, deep working knowledge of cloud and web application technologies, and drawing from his experiences as a database administrator and developer gives him great insight into the problems companies deal with day to day. His working experience in a range of industries and verticals also ensures he can draw from this knowledge to deliver insightful and effective solutions for Synergy’s clientele. United States United Kingdom Australia Singapore South Africa

  • Annaliza Palma

    Annaliza Palma SharePoint Consultant and Trainer Anne Palma serves as a SharePoint Consultant and Trainer for Synergy. Anne holds the MCT and MCSA certifications and has a diverse background in IT having skills in Windows systems administration, SharePoint, graphics design and web design, as well as a strong track record as a technical trainer. Anne’s focus for the past several years has been how to optimize the interaction between users and IT systems which includes an emphasis on user interface design and logical process flow as well as the education component of training users on the system. Singapore United States United Kingdom Australia South Africa

  • Gavin Adams

    Gavin Adams Technical Team Lead Gavin brings more than 15 years of experience in implementing and managing IT solutions with extensive experience across broad areas of IT including network and server infrastructure along with deep knowledge of application servers and systems. He is a SharePoint technology specialist and architect with intimate experience in providing the technology design of a large, regionalised implementation of SharePoint for a global engineering consulting practice. Gavin earned a Bachelor of Information Technology from CSU and is a natural problem solver with the skills to resolve system issues. He has invaluable analytical skills in identifying business requirements and the ability to translate those through to a successful system. He serves as the technical team leader for Synergy's Sydney-based team. With a speciality in architecting, building and troubleshooting SharePoint environments, Gavin likes to try and get the most out of SharePoint without using custom code. While at Uni, Gavin served for 5 years in the Royal Australian Air Force Active Reserve. In his spare time enjoys cooking and photography. Gavin is currently a volunteer bushfire fighter in the NSW Rural Fire Service. Australia United States United Kingdom Singapore South Africa