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  • SYNERGY | WebCon Partner

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Webcon Mission Statement Synergy believes WEBCON is the right tool for building business process solutions in the modern workplace. Our extensive experience in multiple verticals helps us deliver creative, effective solutions when it comes to designing and implementing solutions for our customers. WEBCON is the company that genuinely “built a better mousetrap” for low-code applications. More than any platform we’ve seen, WEBCON BPS “gets it,” realizing that processes change regularly, and that applications aren’t solutions unless they’re made to be managed and adjusted – even when they are live. Companies get better results and we build better relationships with our customers when it’s easy for designers and stakeholders to work together for success. ​ Any solution we build with WEBCON can run in the cloud or on-premises, in a multitenant or dedicated cloud environment, in a browser or a mobile device, and as a seamless part of another application (a Teams channel, a SharePoint site, an email conversation, etc.). And WEBCON’s commitment to their partners and customers ensures that if you build it in one place, it will work in another. The technology will not leave you behind as you evolve your technology roadmap. ​ Synergy’s expert staff can help you with your project requirements, from design to development, deployment, go live, and training. Whether your needs are simple or you have complex workflow requirements we can help you achieve success. Talk to us today about how Synergy can help you reach your business goals. About Webcon WEBCON is a leading business process automation and management vendor. Its platform WEBCON BPS, helps companies of all sizes with workflow automation, and digitalization of their business processes. ​ More than 450 companies worldwide, including market leaders as Siemens Finance, Mitsubishi Electric, Diners Club, Societe Generale, and Haddad Brands, chose WEBCON BPS to help them streamline their business processes. ​ At WEBCON, “digital transformation” isn’t a buzzword – it’s a way of life; it’s about reducing steps, eliminating mistakes, ensuring compliance, connecting assets, and encouraging continuous improvement. WEBCON’s Business Process Suite (BPS) reflects nearly two decades of research, development, and real-world experience. Every feature of WEBCON BPS is designed around making sure professional engagements reach maximum success with minimal time and work. Offerings Synergy's WEBCON Services include design, development, and enablement training on WEBCON’s Business Process Suite. Whether you are on premises or in the cloud WEBCON has solutions that will adapt with your journey. WEBCON’s commitment to their customers is your processes will work even if you change from on prem to in the cloud, with no migration hassles – ever. And with over a decade of experience with process automation, Synergy will be there to help you realize your process automation goals – on time, in budget, and in response to changing needs. WEBCON INSTANTCHANGE™ WEBCON BPS’ unique InstantChange™ technology lets you adapt/evolve processes to address changing needs immediately and painlessly. It allows changes to application models to take effect on both new and already-running instances and cases. It also allows a change in one part of an application to instantly affect every other related part of that application. Changes to data are immediately reflected in forms and reports. Changes to workflow branching logic affect page buttons and transitions. WEBCON Interoperability WEBCON BPS processes are clearly understood and easily governed; and they can be connected to line of business systems, documents, forms, messages, and collaboration workspaces. Whether you want it to appear as a seamless part of Microsoft 365 or a completely standalone solution, WEBCON BPS just works. Integrated, Coherent Solutions When you build a WEBCON BPS application, you’re mapping the process, building the workflows and forms and reports, defining the rules, modeling and provisioning the data store, defining roles & permissions, and setting up monitoring metrics. It’s a single design effort. You only do the work once, rather than a change in one place requiring running around everywhere else to change it to match. You only have to deploy, and maintain, one thing. It’s liberating if you’ve grown used to chasing down dependencies. One Technology, Many DePloyment Options WEBCON built a single architecture than can be used multiple ways in multiple places. Do you want to deploy a solution to your on-premises data center? Okay. Would you just like to subscribe to a turnkey Software-as-a-Service environment? Fine. Would you like to host a dedicated cloud service in your Azure tenant? That works, too. Best of all, it’s one technology and one feature set. You can migrate solutions between these options whenever you’d like, and if you do, you keep your history, your current status, and all your permissions. Collaborations Instead of Contracts WEBCON BPS solutions are easy to read and even easier to document. InstantChange™ means you can react to requests in moments and apply fixes/enhancements even to work that’s still in progress. It means that designers and stakeholders can establish a feedback-and-fulfillment cycle that really, really works. Auditing, Monitoring, Metrics, and Governance are In The Box When you create a process and define its goals, how to measure it shouldn’t be difficult. And with WEBCON BPS, audit trails, histories, archives, permissions, roles, task substitutions, and status monitoring are built into the platform so you don’t need to add extra logic to your applications. It’s another thing too many of us have gotten too used to not having. Deliver Immediately, Improve Continuously The net effect of The WEBCON Way, and something Synergy excels at, is being able to quickly craft a solution that works and improve it over several cycles. It goes from “what I asked for” to “what I really wanted” sooner than you think. And it happens by making it easy to listen to problem owners and respond to their requests and reactions. No plans survive contact with reality intact. The real world will always surprise us, so the best option is to work with the tools and talent that knows how ride the wave of change. You could ask for a more skilled surfer than Synergy, and WEBCON is their surfboard of choice. webcon Videos WEBCON BPS product video Building a business application in 7 minutes PLATFORM DEMO | a Step-By-Step Workflow in WEBCON BPS WEBCON BPS The Ultimate Business Process Automation and Management Low-code Platform Back to Partners

  • Steven Unsworth

    Steven Unsworth Principal As SYNERGY’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve combines almost 30 years of technical and engineering experience to provide mentorship and guidance both to our team internally and to our Customers. Steve ensures that you get the most out of your technology investments. His results-driven approach to project planning and network management help businesses grow and thrive with the technology at their disposal. Originally from Manchester, England, Steve was formerly a senior technical analyst for ComputerAid (UK) and was part of an outsourced team working onsite at US West (now Quest). Other outsourced engagements included time at British Aerospace, where he built and managed the technical support group. Steve’s tireless pursuit of new and developing technology and his standards for excellence in project management, customer service, and process analysis have helped to drive SYNERGY’s technology solutions business since our inception in 1995. Steve combines his extensive experience in business and resource management with his wealth of knowledge relating to data and systems management, communication systems, virtualization, and web applications, to name just some areas of expertise, to help drive cost-effective and powerful technology solutions for our clients in a host of different industries. His philosophy of reducing downtime and maximizing productivity through proactive management and monitoring has served our customers effectively for years. Steve continues to develop our processes and improve our services as a part of his ongoing goal to continually offer greater efficiencies to our customers. United States United Kingdom Australia Singapore South Africa

  • SYNERGY | Cybersecurity Remediation

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Cybersecurity Remediation Services we offer Cyber Assessment & Evaluation Our clients understand that regulators are identifying risk measures as a priority for enforcement, even as more sophisticated threats are being developed. These trends are rapidly increasing the potential risks faced by our clients. At Synergy, we can evaluate your organization’s current cyber environment relative to regulatory standards, outlining your cyber strengths and weaknesses and related risks. In the event a weakness or gap is found, Synergy will provide actionable, auditable documentation to achieve a solution that complies with standards issued by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other federal agencies. We will guide your organization throughout the implementation of a simple, cost-effective, enterprise-wide, proactive cyber strategy designed specifically for your organization. Audit Preparation & Post-Audit Remediation Once a third-party has provided a gap analysis to our clients revealing their cybersecurity vulnerabilities and loopholes, Synergy will review the gap analysis and deliver a prioritized project plan for getting any security problems addressed in a quick and efficient manner. In the event a weakness or gap is found, Synergy will provide actionable, auditable documentation to achieve a solution that complies with standards issued by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other federal agencies. We will guide your organization throughout the implementation of a simple, cost-effective, enterprise-wide, proactive cyber strategy designed specifically for your organization. Policies & Procedures Documentation At Synergy, we work closely with our clients to outline, document, and develop cybersecurity policies and procedures in order to ensure their confidential data is protected and their compliance requirements are met. Our security policy planning and development services help our clients rapidly create and deploy comprehensive security policies, standards, guidelines and operating procedures designed to align with best practices and satisfy regulatory compliance requirements. As part of our services, our compliance experts evaluate our clients' existing policies and practices to help ensure our documentation is developed in accordance with their business goals. Cyber Awareness Training Synergy provides cyber awareness training on the methodologies, concepts, tools, and processes that we use in our security planning and implementation approach. Our comprehensive training ensures all tasks are understood, consistent, repeatable, and measurable. Through the use of our Cyber Awareness Training Manual, we educate employees by making them intimately familiar with the policies and procedures surrounding their daily operations. Customer/Vendor Standards Compliance Our clients rely heavily on their vendors to provide them with goods and services that allow them to operate their businesses on a daily basis. These vendors may include suppliers, contract manufacturers, business partners, brokers, and even cleaning services, each requiring different compliance regulations. Synergy understands that without a proper approach to security and compliance, our clients’ regulatory requirements could falter if something goes wrong. Mitigation Services At Synergy, we combine our deep industry knowledge with our end-to-end solutions for traditional and next-generation technologies to assist you and your organization to be prepared with a plan and provide the proper support to help you recover after a small service interruption or major system failure. We look after our clients’ physical assets and critical infrastructure in order to return their business to full operation as quickly as possible through disaster recovery planning and management, all while minimizing risk and cost. On-Site Technical Support Our team of committed IT technicians provides dedicated cybersecurity expertise and user training to prevent our clients from becoming another unfortunate statistic. These highly-skilled technicians offer services to deliver continuous support for all information security-related planning, procedures, and protocol. Our technicians watch over the entirety of our clients’ networks, receiving alerts the moment anything goes awry, all while providing employees ongoing data protection and unparalleled 24/7 customer care. Services we offer HIPAA Compliance While HIPAA regulations may be a benefit to the security of a patient’s information, they also come with a number of challenges such as high costs, tracking regulatory changes, and extensive documentation demands. Synergy provides assistance to organizations for streamlining all IT related aspects of HIPAA compliance. FINRA Compliance At Synergy, we understand the complex compliance regulations financial firms face. We’ve designed our solutions to help our clients meet the legal and regulatory compliance mandates that shape today’s market landscape. ITAR/EAR Compliance Through our global reach, we have handled matters related to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) for defense systems as well as the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) for commercial applications in the US and abroad. We can adapt to your scenario for fast, cost-effective, assistance. DFARs Compliance With multiple requirements and impending deadlines surrounding the DoD’s DFARs compliance regulations, Synergy’s experience in both NIST and ITAR/EAR compliance regulatory work can assist clients and their contractors in meeting compliance deadlines. FCC Compliance If you’re looking to upgrade your local area network with fiber or pursuing a merger or acquisition, Synergy understands the telecommunications industry’s complex regulatory environment and the challenges that come along with it. We can provide assistance in determining if a device is subject to FCC rules and which rules apply. We can also perform the necessary tests to ensure that your device complies with the applicable FCC technical requirements. SOC Type 1 & 2 Compliance Synergy can assist your business in ensuring that you meet SOC Type 1 and 2 compliance regulations to show that your business's processes are not only implemented but also effective over time.

  • SYNERGY | Infrastructure Management

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Infrastructure Upgrades An aging infrastructure can impact a business in a number of ways, from unexpected system failures resulting in downtime, to an inability to leverage modern technology and collaboration solutions. Synergy will work with you to maximize your investments. Solutions include upgrading networking and backup equipment, perimeter defenses, server upgrades, and more. Servers Network Equipment Perimeter Defenses Backup Equipment In the case of a failure, Synergy will get you back up and running, and when the timing is ideal, we can evaluate your business requirements to determine if migration to the cloud is the right move for you. If Cloud Adoption is in the forecast for your business, we will help you migrate to the cloud or help you optimize your current cloud structure, so that your business can reap the various benefits that the cloud provides. Cloud Adoption Migrating elements of your infrastructure and business technology to the cloud can be cost effective and reduce the risks and associated overhead of aging office-based systems. Cloud adoption assists in creating redundancy for your data, which in turn enhances business continuity and your disaster recovery planning. When you adopt cloud technologies, you are helping to ensure all of your business’s IT assets are not in one basket. Synergy will work with you to leverage your cloud investments and to better understand and utilize the tools available to you. We provide assistance in getting started with Cloud Adoption/Migration. We can determine which platform is right for you and assist with purchasing and licensing. We will create a strategic plan to move your legacy technology into a cloud-based environment and provide education on how to utilize all of the benefits of the platform. If you already have a cloud platform in place, we can help you understand and utilize the capabilities of your existing cloud environment, so you can maximize your investment.

  • SYNERGY | Search Engine Marketing | Paid Search

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Paid SEARCH Maybe you’ve heard of PPC and SEM, but don’t know where to begin; or maybe you just know that when a potential customer searches for your business, service, or product on a search engine you want to show up on the first page. Either way, Synergy can help. ​ Paid Search or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most popular pay-per-click (PPC) digital marketing strategies to date, and for good reason. It is one of the quickest ways to get targeted traffic to your website, through ad clicks on search engine result pages. Investing in paid search can help your business appear in premium slots on search engine results, such as Google, instead of having to rely only on the long term effort and effects of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Why invest in paid search? Rather than relying on organic search results (non-paid results), your business can bid on keywords of products or services that are relevant to your business. With the right bid, your ad will show up when customers search for those keywords. In Paid Search advertising, rather than paying for impressions, every time your ad is seen, you only pay when a customer clicks on your ad. ​ At Synergy, we encourage a holistic approach to digital marketing, so you can reach your target audience no matter where they are. By including Paid Search in your digital strategy, your business will reach an audience that is actively searching for your products or services. ​ Your business will be assigned a dedicated strategist, who will consistently work on optimizing your campaigns to help keep costs at a minimum and to give you the best return on your investment. Keyword Research Knowing which keywords your target audience is searching for is one of the most prominent pieces in a successful Paid Search Strategy. Our strategists perform a competitive analysis for your business and research which keywords are trending for your product or service to create a list to strategically drive traffic for your business. Ad Copy Having copy that resonates with your customers to encourage clicks is a critical part of a healthy campaign. Our strategists will ensure your ad copy contains the keywords you are bidding on, while also being true to your business brand and messaging. Our "Recipe" for Success: Targeting We set up targeting parameters that will only show ads where your audience’s geo location is, so resources are not wasted on irrelevant clicks or by those who are not within a certain distance of your physical business. Optimization Your business will be assigned a dedicated strategist who will work on consistently optimizing your campaigns and strategies to meet your marketing goals.

  • SYNERGY | Contact Us For A Free Consultation

    Let's Talk We would love to talk to you about your service needs. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you soon. NAME EMAIL PHONE COMPANY Submit Please leave this field empty.

  • SYNERGY | Powell Partner Of The Year 2020

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Powell Partner of the year APAC 2020 About the award “2020 has been a challenging year for everyone across the globe, including within our own industry. However, during this time, we have seen a significant acceleration in digital transformation projects for organizations throughout the planet. The need for modern digital workplaces has never been so strategic, with every company now needing to refocus time and investments into “how to connect employees”. ​ This is our core mission at Powell Software, and we are very honored to partner with you every day to achieve this. ​ We have a tremendous opportunity with our entire ecosystem. 2021, is the time to take a step back as IT and Business decision-makers, to think, redesign and build solid digital workplaces. It’s an opportunity to better connect employees, bring structure, governance, and unified tools within this new employee hub, and to unify the three core pillars of the digital workplace. ​ After making these announcements at the Digital Workplace Convention, we took the opportunity to recognize the hard work and commitment of our partner network. Each year we recognize the contribution of our partners during our annual convention and we were delighted to bring this online in 2020. ​ Our winners have demonstrated a relentless commitment to Powell Software. Combining true technical expertise in deploying the Powell 365 platform, with a strong drive and ability in pitching the Powell Software’s unique value proposition to detect and close new projects. ​ We are pleased to announce that Synergy is our Powell Software 2020 Partner of the Year winner for Australia and NZ region! ​ Synergy has demonstrated a relentless and continuous commitment to Powell Software through out the years by combining a true technical expertise in deploying the Powell 365 platform along with a strong drive and ability in pitching the Powell Software’s unique value proposition to detect and close new projects. ​ This award is well deserved. Thank you so much for this commitment to our strategic partnership!” Awards See Recent Case Study Back to Insights

  • SYNERGY | Infrastructure & Life Cycle Management

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Infrastructure Management As your business adapts, your technology requirements will evolve. Synergy can assist in a multitude of ways. Our services include Lifecycle Management, end-point protection, malware and phishing solutions, and more. Our pro-active approach enables us to monitor and maintain the optimization of your critical systems, so your business technology continues to keep pace with your organization. Pro-Active monitoring At Synergy, we know that making sure your business continues to flow smoothly and efficiently is a priority. We take a pro-active approach to Infrastructure and Life Cycle Management. By monitoring the health of your infrastructure, workstations, data backups and more in real time, we gain detailed insights into the performance of the systems you use every day enabling us able to better forecast and address potential issues before they cause any noticeable work interruptions. Network administration Managing your active user accounts, maintaining your email distribution lists, onboarding new users and offboarding leavers, and ensuring your data is secure are just a few of the regular tasks that do not manage themselves. Synergy’s standard service offering includes all of these regular administrative tasks at no additional cost. Backup management Anti-Virus monitoring Wi-Fi access and optimization monitoring Storage tracking Email thread protection And more… Life Cycle Management The team at Synergy will monitor the life cycle of your assets and work with you to plan when assets need replacement or upgrades. Together, we will review which current tech options are best for your business needs to help your business stay productive. Purchasing/Licensing Synergy can assist with the process of purchasing hardware and help to ensure you are appropriately licensed on the software front. We know that no two organizations are exactly alike, so we take the time to fully examine your systems prior to making any recommendations.

  • Malcolm Kanter

    Malcolm Kanter UK Operations Lead Malcolm runs our UK operations which started trading in 1998. Malcolm's success comes down to his outstanding customer service capabilities, a strength which he shares with members of the team across the globe. A regular traveler to our other offices, Malcolm's expertise is best spent ensuring our ongoing global commitment to ever improving customer service and satisfaction. In addition to running our services business the UK operation, Malcolm is also a successful independent wholesaler of hardware producing over £13.5m in revenue in the last 12 months alone. Vendors include HP, Cisco, SonicWall, WatchGuard, NetGear, and 3COM. United Kingdom United States Australia Singapore South Africa

  • SYNERGY | Our Team

    Home Services Team Insight Company Contact Our people ​ How We Work Synergy isn’t just our name, it’s a part of our value set. We work everyday collaboratively within our own internal groups and as an extension of our customers project teams. Meet (some of) The Team Tara Meet Tara Ryan Meet Ryan Josh Meet Josh Calvin Meet Calvin Leadership James Beck James Beck Originally from the UK, James brings his infectious enthusiasm for technology and passion for customer satisfaction to every venture. ​ Leveraging his two+ decades of consulting experience with businesses large and small, James’ boundless energy and can-do attitude helps our customers around the globe consistently achieve and exceed their business goals time and again. ​ His commitment to excellence in project management, customer service, and his extensive industry experience forms the foundation of Synergy's lasting customer relationships. ​ Day to day, James works within our Digital Transformation group, while ensuring customer service and excellence company-wide, which has become the signature of doing business with Synergy. Milan Gross Milan Gross Milan runs Synergy’s Asia Pacific area operations. He is a consultant, trainer, and strategist with over 20 years of active industry experience as an architect and developer of Microsoft technologies. ​ Merging his career as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and working with SharePoint technologies since its inception, Milan admits to a voracious curiosity for technology and an equally great interest in sharing what he knows with others. Milan is a published author, a graduate of University of Pennsylvania, and holds MCSE, MCSD and MCDBA certifications. ​ Milan's published works include - Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Administrator's Companion. (Contributing author), Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Pocket Consultant (Contributing author), and ​SharePoint 2010 Administration Instant Reference (Co-Author) Steven Unsworth Steven Unsworth As Synergy’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve combines over 35 years of technical and engineering experience to provide mentorship and guidance both to our internal and to our customers. ​ Originally from Manchester, England, Steve’s tireless pursuit of new and developing technologies and his standards for excellence in project management, customer service, and process analysis have helped to drive Synergy’s Support and Project Services side of the business since our inception in 1995. ​ Steve ensures that you get the most out of your technology investments. His results-driven approach to project planning and network management help businesses grow and thrive with the technology at their disposal. His philosophy of reducing downtime and maximizing productivity through pro-active management and monitoring has served our customers effectively for years. Jason Blair jason Blair Jason is an IT professional with over 25 years of industry experience in a wide range of technologies. Initially serving as a support and customer service specialist supporting small and mid-sized businesses, his experience includes team and project management, infrastructure design, intranet and SharePoint design and implementation, process automation, cybersecurity advisory services, and training. He is a Cloud and SharePoint technology specialist with experience in designing, customizing and implementing business solutions for our enterprise customers in a wide range of industries. Jason holds a number of Microsoft certifications on Windows, SQL and SharePoint, and Office 365. In addition to Cloud and SharePoint solutions work, his passion for designing and implementing automated processes in Nintex technologies with a focus on optimizing customer ROI have earned him the recognition by Nintex as a vTE, or Virtual Technology Evangelist. Jason has leveraged his love of working with people and his passion for technology to become partner with Synergy, whose passion matches his own. He thoroughly enjoys delivering top shelf solutions with a consistent focus on best practices and an excellent user experience to help clients get the most out their technology. Mopsey Mopsey Mopsey is our Chief Happiness Officer (CHO). She focuses on the welcoming of visitors and on the raising of office morale. She specializes in door watching, fetching, and of course, snuggles. When she is not greeting, she likes to take naps somewhere around the office where she most feels like she may be needed.