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Mission Statement

Synergy believes WEBCON is the right tool for building business process solutions in the modern workplace. Our extensive experience in multiple verticals helps us deliver creative, effective solutions when it comes to designing and implementing solutions for our customers. WEBCON is the company that genuinely “built a better mousetrap” for low-code applications. More than any platform we’ve seen, WEBCON BPS “gets it,” realizing that processes change regularly, and that applications aren’t solutions unless they’re made to be managed and adjusted – even when they are live. Companies get better results and we build better relationships with our customers when it’s easy for designers and stakeholders to work together for success.

Any solution we build with WEBCON can run in the cloud or on-premises, in a multitenant or dedicated cloud environment, in a browser or a mobile device, and as a seamless part of another application (a Teams channel, a SharePoint site, an email conversation, etc.). And WEBCON’s commitment to their partners and customers ensures that if you build it in one place, it will work in another. The technology will not leave you behind as you evolve your technology roadmap.

Synergy’s expert staff can help you with your project requirements, from design to development, deployment, go live, and training. Whether your needs are simple or you have complex workflow requirements we can help you achieve success. Talk to us today about how Synergy can help you reach your business goals.

About Webcon

WEBCON is a leading business process automation and management vendor. Its platform WEBCON BPS, helps companies of all sizes with workflow automation, and digitalization of their business processes.

More than 450 companies worldwide, including market leaders as Siemens Finance, Mitsubishi Electric, Diners Club, Societe Generale, and Haddad Brands, chose WEBCON BPS to help them streamline their business processes.

At WEBCON, “digital transformation” isn’t a buzzword – it’s a way of life; it’s about reducing steps, eliminating mistakes, ensuring compliance, connecting assets, and encouraging continuous improvement. WEBCON’s Business Process Suite (BPS) reflects nearly two decades of research, development, and real-world experience. Every feature of WEBCON BPS is designed around making sure professional engagements reach maximum success with minimal time and work.


Synergy's WEBCON Services include design, development, and enablement training on WEBCON’s Business Process Suite. Whether you are on premises or in the cloud WEBCON has solutions that will adapt with your journey. WEBCON’s commitment to their customers is your processes will work even if you change from on prem to in the cloud, with no migration hassles – ever. And with over a decade of experience with process automation, Synergy will be there to help you realize your process automation goals – on time, in budget, and in response to changing needs.


WEBCON BPS’ unique InstantChange™ technology lets you adapt/evolve processes to address changing needs immediately and painlessly. It allows changes to application models to take effect on both new and already-running instances and cases.


It also allows a change in one part of an application to instantly affect every other related part of that application. Changes to data are immediately reflected in forms and reports. Changes to workflow branching logic affect page buttons and transitions.

WEBCON Interoperability

WEBCON BPS processes are clearly understood and easily governed; and they can be connected to line of business systems, documents, forms, messages, and collaboration workspaces. Whether you want it to appear as a seamless part of Microsoft 365 or a completely standalone solution, WEBCON BPS just works.

Integrated, Coherent Solutions

When you build a WEBCON BPS application, you’re mapping the process, building the workflows and forms and reports, defining the rules, modeling and provisioning the data store, defining roles & permissions, and setting up monitoring metrics. It’s a single design effort.


You only do the work once, rather than a change in one place requiring running around everywhere else to change it to match. You only have to deploy, and maintain, one thing. It’s liberating if you’ve grown used to chasing down dependencies.

One Technology, Many DePloyment Options

WEBCON built a single architecture than can be used multiple ways in multiple places. Do you want to deploy a solution to your on-premises data center? Okay. Would you just like to subscribe to a turnkey Software-as-a-Service environment? Fine. Would you like to host a dedicated cloud service in your Azure tenant? That works, too.


Best of all, it’s one technology and one feature set. You can migrate solutions between these options whenever you’d like, and if you do, you keep your history, your current status, and all your permissions.

Collaborations Instead
of Contracts 

WEBCON BPS solutions are easy to read and even easier to document. InstantChange™ means you can react to requests in moments and apply fixes/enhancements even to work that’s still in progress. It means that designers and stakeholders can establish a feedback-and-fulfillment cycle that really, really works.

Auditing, Monitoring, Metrics, and Governance are In The Box

When you create a process and define its goals, how to measure it shouldn’t be difficult. And with WEBCON BPS, audit trails, histories, archives, permissions, roles, task substitutions, and status monitoring are built into the platform so you don’t need to add extra logic to your applications. It’s another thing too many of us have gotten too used to not having.

Deliver Immediately,
 Improve Continuously

The net effect of The WEBCON Way, and something Synergy excels at, is being able to quickly craft a solution that works and improve it over several cycles. It goes from “what I asked for” to “what I really wanted” sooner than you think. And it happens by making it easy to listen to problem owners and respond to their requests and reactions.


No plans survive contact with reality intact. The real world will always surprise us, so the best option is to work with the tools and talent that knows how ride the wave of change. You could ask for a more skilled surfer than Synergy, and WEBCON is their surfboard of choice.

webcon Videos

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WEBCON BPS product video

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Building a business application in 7 minutes

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PLATFORM DEMO | a Step-By-Step Workflow in WEBCON BPS

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WEBCON BPS The Ultimate Business Process Automation and Management Low-code Platform

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